October Bullet Journal

The band wagon arrived and I jumped straight on! I feel like its super common now for people that read a lot to also have a bullet journal for their reading. I’ve decided that I would also like to be one of those people and have just started my own bullet journal!

Here are the pages I’ve created for October. First up, what will be my TBR page for the month.

I went for a fall pumpkin theme even though here in Australia its Spring.

My next two pages are trackers to track how many days I go without buying a book or ordering Uber Eats, because I have a problem!

My next page is to list and rate the books I read throughout October.

My final tracker for the month is to track what type of reading I do each day weather that be physical reading, listening to an Audiobook or both.

So I didn’t go to crazy with the amount of pages and trackers I created for this month just to make it realistic in terms of making sure I feel things out every day as well as testing out what pages work for me!

What pages are your must haves for your bullet journal?

Unboxing: August Gobstone Alley Box

So it’s been a while since I received a ‘Gobstone Alley’ Box in the mail and I was beyond thrilled to get one again! 

This months box seemed to focus on book four in the ‘Harry Potter’ Series, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and let me tell you I was here for it. 
These were the goodies that we received: 

We got: 
* A metal Muggle Studies sign 
* A set of 4 office Merchandise tins
* A Hufflepuff coaster
* A packet of Jelly Slugs
* A Platform 9 and 3/4 Key Ring 
* An Official Olivander pencil tin
* A Beauxbatons metal pin
* A Baeuxbaton Incendio scented candle with jasmine, fresh cotton and bluebottle
* A Harry Potter themed t-shirt
* Fleur Delacour’s dragon egg inspired bath salts with sea salt, epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, organic almond oil and betanin
* A bottle of Felix Felicis
* Cosy Elves Tea ‘Neville’s Favourite Tea’. A hand picked blend of healing flowers and green oolong tea. 

It was a great little package to receive! I love the smell of the candle, so fresh!