Books I Want to Reread in 2020

As a reader who has a hell of a lot of books on her TBR I have been quite strict with myself when it comes to rereading, however, in 2020 I’ve decided to allow myself to reread favourites each month to keep myself interested and enjoying reading. Enjoyment is key and a reading slump is my biggest fear.

These are the books that are either nostalgic to me or are ones that I absolutely love that I want to reexperience.

In summery I really want to reread a bunch of books that I absolutely loved reading the first time. I’ve already started my reread of the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter and I’ve reread ‘The Simple Wild’ so I am definitely taking this very seriously!

What is your favourite reread?

Year-a-thon: February Wrap Up

Our February week long readathon in the overarching Year-a-thon has come and gone. I set out to complete 3 books. 2 individual books and one series.

I didn’t end up reading as much as I thought I would during February’s Year-a-thon. Although finishing two books in the week was definitely not too bad.

‘The Simple Wild’ by K.A. Tucker was a reread in preparation for the sequel coming out on February 18th (can you tell I’m excited). ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ by Katherine Adren was a book that had beed chilling on my TBR for a while.

Both books where definitely enjoyable to pick up for the readathon. You can check out the review of The Simple Wild, already on my blog and the review for The Bear and the Nightingale will be coming soon!

What books did you pick up for the readathon?

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

The Simple Wild
by K.A. Tucker

Publisher: Atria Books
Date: 2018
Pages: 390
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Romance
Days to Read: 3
Purchase Locations: Amazon and Kindle Audible Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks Scribd QBD

Calla Fletcher wasn’t even two when her mother took her and fled the Alaskan wild, unable to handle the isolation of the extreme, rural lifestyle, leaving behind Calla’s father, Wren Fletcher, in the process. Calla never looked back, and at twenty-six, a busy life in Toronto is all she knows. But when Calla learns that Wren’s days may be numbered, she knows that it’s time to make the long trip back to the remote frontier town where she was born.

She braves the roaming wildlife, the odd daylight hours, the exorbitant prices, and even the occasional—dear God—outhouse, all for the chance to connect with her father: a man who, despite his many faults, she can’t help but care for. While she struggles to adjust to this rugged environment, Jonah—the unkempt, obnoxious, and proud Alaskan pilot who helps keep her father’s charter plane company operational—can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. And he’s clearly waiting with one hand on the throttle to fly this city girl back to where she belongs, convinced that she’s too pampered to handle the wild.

Jonah is probably right, but Calla is determined to prove him wrong. Soon, she finds herself forming an unexpected bond with the burly pilot. As his undercurrent of disapproval dwindles, it’s replaced by friendship—or perhaps something deeper? But Calla is not in Alaska to stay and Jonah will never leave. It would be foolish of her to kindle a romance, to take the same path her parents tried—and failed at—years ago. It’s a simple truth that turns out to be not so simple after all.

I don’t want to come out and say that ‘A Simple Wild’ by K.A. Tucker is my favourite book of the year, with the year not being over, however I think I’m going yo say it!

‘The Simple Wild’ is my favourite read of 2019!

I know, I can’t believe it either. Who would of thought at the start of 2019 that a contemporary romance would be my favourite book of the year? I am absolutely in love with Calla and Jonah and while writing this review ave discovered there is a sequel coming and I honestly cannot contain my excitement.

I don’t know what did it for me. It could be the characters Calla is a city girl in the wilds of Alaska trying to figure out how she fits into a life that her father has built here. Jonah is a self assured bush pilot who is kind of an ass at the start but who kind of grew on me as a reader.

Alaska is one of my all time favourite places. I haven’t visited yet but it is on my bucket list of places. The description of the landscape really made me feel as though I was there experiencing the extreme weather and the breathtaking wilderness.

I really don’t think there was much about this book that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. The characters all held their own and had their own strong and distinct personalities, a trait I’ve found I really gravitate towards on contemporary fiction.

The Simple Wild absolutely took my breath away be it the scenery, the story or the writing overall. I was encaptualated and loved every single minute of my time in this story. I am counting down until our next instalment!

Plot: 6/10
Ease of reading: 8/10
Character Development: 6/10
World Building: 6/10
Quality of Writing: 6/10
Stars: 3/5