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May was a pretty productive reading month for me. I was surprised to see how much I actually did end up reading when looking back on the month. So first things first.. stats.

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Review: ‘The Apprentice Witch’ By James Nicol


‘The Apprentice Witch’
By James Nicol
Book #1 in the Apprentice Witch Series


Publisher: Chicken House
Publish Date: 2016
Pages: 318
Series: Apprentice Witch Book 1
Fiction/Non-Fiction:  Fiction
Genre: Middle grade Fantasy
Purchase Locations: Book Depository Amazon & Kindle Booktopia QBD Dymocks


Arianwyn has flunked her witch’s assessment: She’s doomed. Declared an apprentice and sent to the town of Lull in disgrace, she may never become a real witch– much to the glee of her arch-rival, Gimma.

But remote Lull is not as boring as it seems. Strange things are sighted in the woods, a dangerous infestation of hex creeps throughout the town, and a mysterious magical visitor arrives with his eye on her.

With every spirit banished, creature helped, and spell cast, Arianwyn starts to get the hang of being a witch–even if she’s only an apprentice. But the worst still lies ahead. For a sinister darkness has begun to haunt her spells, and there may be much more at stake than just her pride . . . for Arianwyn and the entire land.

My Thoughts

In the beginning we meet Arianwyn our protagonist in this story, She is a witch who is hoping to be evaluated and become a fully qualified witch and get a job protecting non magical folk from magical beings, ailments and incidents. She is an awkward and relatable main character. As a reader I really enjoyed her as a protagonist and following her along her journey and development throughout the story.

I did find it hard to get into at the beginning, as much as I liked Arianwyn as a main character I was still struggling to get into the overall plot and story. I did like the whole evaluation portion and that drew me in but after that I was struggling to stay engaged. When we got closer to the end of the book I was eager to see how it was going to end and if it would be something that could be continued on in a second book.

Overall as a middle grade novel I found the story a good read. Its relatable characters were ones that I could see my girls enjoying and finding similar aspects and feeling as though they had had similar experiences. All key to their understanding and enjoyment of reading.

My Rating

Plot: 6/10
Ease of reading: 9/10
Character Development: 6/10
World Building: 5/10
Quality of Writing: 7/10
Stars:  3.5/5