The Not So Perfect Book Tag

I saw this tag over on Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts and I knew I wanted to have a go at this tag.

I absolutely love the Idea of looking at the books that aren’t quite perfect.

Contemporary Romance stories are ones that I’ve only recently gotten into. ‘Forever Interupted’ was one that I found was a bit farfetched. Not the concept of coping after loss but just the instant love of the characters and the irrationality of some. Just really left a bad taste in my mouth about the genre, and I’ve really been enjoying reading them!

This is a book that I am currently reading and am about fifteen chapter into. The dialoge has already made me cringe so much!

I don’t have any books set in Australia because even though I am Australian I’ve found that I really don’t like reading books set here.

As much as I love the Twilight Saga and love the characters within the story, Bella as a main character is one that I definitely find annoying. She can be so whiney at times that I just want to skip to the part where she stops complaining. This seems to be particularly pertient to the first book.

Why are you complaining about moving to Forks?! You chose to do it!

I can’t really think of any, I try to research the stories a lot before I pick up a book. Don’t want to waste my monry buying something I’m not going to enjoy.

I’m not sure if he would be classified as a ‘friend’ to our main character Vasalisa, but the priest Constantine is probably one of the worst characters I’ve ever encountered in a story. He is so selfish and always blames others for his thoughts feelings and actions. He is also more than willing to sacrafice a devoted follower to save himself.

Probably one of the few characters I actually hate.

Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake.

To say he is controlling is an understatement. He would be the actual wprst partnet ever!

I would have to say the Neverseen in the Keeper of Lost Cities series. Honestly their plans are aways so good!

The Fang family from ‘The Poppy War’ are the actual worst people!

The Sky in the Deep generally disappointed me and the plot twist was one that I guessed from the beginning and I am awful at predicting these things.

Instalove is something that I just want to avoid, it just gets so frustrating. I don’t get it at all.

I don’t know what it is about these covers but I walked past this series so many times in the book store because I just couldn’t get around them!

The Geography of Lost things definitely disappointed me, especially the ending.

Its not that I didn’t enjoy reading The Queen of Nothing’ by Holly Black but I don’t understand that it was so hyped.

The Folk of the Air Book Tag

As I was perusing the reader page on wordpress I came across the Folk of the Air tag on Xandra at Starry Sky Books Blog.

I waited until after I had finally read ‘Queen of Nothing’ the conclusion to the Folk of the Air Trilogy to complete this tag and YAY, I’ve finally read it and feel like I can now answer these questions.

Celana Sardothian from the ‘Throne of Glass’ Series hands down!

personally, I would say Jorgen Weight from ‘Skyward’ by Brandon Sanderson. I did not like him one bit at the beginning of the story.

Again ‘Skyward’ by Brandon Sanderson. I honestly was not expecting the twist that we got and I cannot wait to pick up the next book.

Currently Tam from the ‘Keeper of Lost Cities’ Series. Where things left off I definitely feel deceived by Tam, but maybe I’ll be deceived a second time, who knows.

The one that comes to mind straight away is ‘Heir of Fire’ by Sarah J. Maas in the Throne of Glass series.

Angus Delaney, from ‘Chasing River’ by K.A.Tucker. I mean he is kind of key in our two characters meeting but he just makes me so mad that we could really do without him.

Matt from ‘This is Where it Ends’ by Marieke Nijkamp. Honestly throughout the whole story I wanted to just protect him and honestly just so many emotions.

Victoria from the Twilight Saga. She is one determined Character who does not stop. She just keeps going trying to get what she wants.

These are all books that I really know very little about but they are all books that I really want to get to it.

Skyward, Skyward, Skyward!

‘Exile’ by Shannon Messenger, the second book in the ‘Keeper of Lost Cities’ series. I enjoyed keeper of Lost Cities because it’s a killer series and the first book introduces everything. ‘Exile’ just adds so many more layers to the world and I love it.

The folk of the Air series. simple as that.

12 days of Christmas Book Tag

I saw this tag over on Paper Fury’s Blog and thought it was perfect for the holiday season!

Definitely ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book honestly changed my reading habits in 2019.

Achilles and Patroclus from the song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I was genuinely in tears by the end of this story. They are one of the best pairings ever!

I recently finished reading the ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard’ series by Rick Rirodan and I absolutely fell in love. I love the peak of characters from other Rick Riordan stories as well as the representation that all three books have.


I love other series but my go to all the time would have to be the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Nova from the ‘Renegades’ Trilogy by Marissa Meyer.

She’s probably one of the only anti hero type characters I can think of who I really enjoy reading about.

I would say Harry Potter but I want to have a different answer for each question so behind Harry Potter would be the ‘Keeper of Lost Cities’ Series by Shannon Messenger.

The elf world is expansive and so interesting. I absolutely adore this series.

The Tea Dragons from ‘The Tea Dragon Society’ by Katie O’Neill.

They are honestly the cutest things!

I want a Tea Dragon

I think the food from ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ by Kevin Kwan would be amazing!

From both the description in the book and what we see in the movie everything looks absolutely delicious!

Celaena Sardothian from the ‘Throne of Glass’ series by Sarah J. Maas.

She is legitimately a total badass and I really enjoy reading about her as a character. I genuinely find that she works hard to do things that people don’t expect from her and that is a really interesting quality to read about.

Lazlo Strange from the ‘Strange the Dreamer’ Duology by Laini Taylor.

He is honestly such a caring character and really shows his strength through atypical means.

I love my little harry potter music box that I got from my friend Kim. It is so cute and plays Hegwid’s Theme when you wind it.

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker is definitely one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year. I am obsessed and I really want to reerad it, even though I only read it in October.

I tag everyone, this is such a fun Christmasy tag!

Fictional Christmas Squad Tag

I saw this tag over on Jenniely blog and I thought it was super festive and fun!

Pretty much you just name a fictional character that is that kind of person. I am going to use only characters that are in books that I’ve read this year.

Lara Jean from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before triology. She would definitely bake everybody some Christmas Goodness

Alvar Vacker from the Keeper of Lost Cities series is definitely a scrooge

Charli GrantSave the Date – she loves a wedding and I’m willing to bet she’s the one decorating the tree on December first.

Charlie from Heartstopper Volume 2. He seems like a character who would go all out for Christmas.

Magnus Chase from the Gods of Asgard series. I feel like all the Einherjar chilling at Hotel Valhalla playing all the board games in front of a fire.

Bella Swan – Twilight – would definitely be someone to stay in her Pjs all day!

Hagrid! 100% he would do it!

I Tag everyone in this Festive Tag!

Book Bucket List Tag

Honestly it feels like I am making up from my lack of Tag posts throughout the year in October but here we are, hopefully this is the last for a while, but not making any promises!

I saw this over in Jessica C Reads blog, so make sure to check her out!

Both the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and the Keeper of Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger are massive series in length and in the size of each individual book. If I can finish these both I will feel very accomplished.

Id have to say either Shannon Messenger or Rick Riordan

oh wow thats a super tough question. Maybe J.K. Rowling. I’d probably ask her how Harry Potter has changed her as a person?

I am more of a reader than a writer but what I would write would most likely be a fantasy or contemporary. So if I was to write/read something outside my comfort zone maybe realistic fiction.

The US hardcover box set of the Harry Potter series is on my absolute dream list!

I definitely collect books in general and I really want to start collecting book marks, I feel like I never have enough and am always looking for one.

One day I want to get the chance to go to a Barnes and Nobles! Honestly such a dream.

Hands down BookCon and Book Expo.

I love the vibes of these covers, very chill and somewhat mysterious.

I’d love to finish my current TBR (its crazy long) and find a bookish community that shares the same interest in similar books. I really wish I had more people that enjoy similar stories!

I tag everyone and anyone to do the Buck List Tag

The Guilty Reader Book Tag

I saw this tag on Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts page and knew that I wanted to give it a go!

The creator of this tag is Chami at read like Wildfire.

Lets get into the questions…

I don’t think I’ve ever regifted a book that I’ve been given, however I don’t get given too many books that I haven’t explicitly asked for.

I have 100% done this. I know I did it in high school at least once when I just couldn’t get through an assigned text in the designated time.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I’ve definitely returned books late to the library but I’ve always returned them.

only once and that was the Amanda Lovelace Poetry collection and boy did it stress me out! It wasn’t even a series where you would need to read them in order but I absolutely hate reading series out of order. Even when there is one series and then its companion series. I will read them in order.

Not intentionally or that I know of. I’ve I’ve spoiled a book for you I am so sorry!

I used to dog ear my pages all the time! That’s how my mum used to read so when I started reading longer books I just did what I saw her do. Now I am a religious bookmark user.

I don’t think I have

I don’t think I’ve skipped a whole chapter but I have definitely skim read some more info dumpy sections of books.

I may have at some point, probably back when I was a teenager. Now however I am proud of the books I enjoy to read and it doesn’t really both me if others don’t. Everyone’s different.

I tag everyone!

Autumn Tag

I was tagged by the wondering Jenna over at Bookmark Your Thoughts to do this tag and I am so excited to participate! It may be Spring down in Australia but Autumn is my favourite time of the year so I love to relive it whenever I can.

I feel like I have so many! my favourite meals that make me feel cozy and comfortable are my dad’s spaghetti bolognase as well as a Greek dish my partner introduced me too called Avgolemono which is a super delicious soup.

Writing my blog for sure as well as working on my Reading Journal. I also really enjoy playing the Sims 4 if you could call that creative.

Oh… that’s a tough one. I really don’t think there are any but mostly because I really struggle with change.

umm.. pumpkin Spice Lattes? honestly no one likes them like I do, at least no one I know.

Book wise, I’d say Twilight (will always have a place in my heart) and probably the fact that I read a lot of YA as well.

Umm my books obviously, as well as cuddling any fury friends!

I’m not a huge fan of being scared (I’m a huge chicken) so I definitely don’t have a favourite scary movie or book

I’m definitely a chocolate girl, closely followed by french fries or again my Dad’s spaghetti bolognase.

I’d say my Timberlands. They usually get the most wear in the Autumn months.

burns like in a good way? That’s how I’m going to take it so Harry Potter, that series always makes me feel so happy!

hmm.. I can’t really think of one. Maybe ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I definitely didn’t expect it to take the turn that it did, or to explore such important historical issues.

I tag anyone who wants to celebrate autumn and have fun doing a tag!

Out of my comfort zone tag

I saw this tag on Kristin Kraves Books blog and I was interested to explore that concept of a reading comfort zone and see if I had actually stepped out of mine this year!

I picked up ‘To Kill a Kingdom’ by Alexandra Christo as the group book for the Aphrodite group in the mythathon.

Usually I don’t gravitate towards retellings. I’m not sure what it is about them but something I just don’t find enjoyable about them.

However I did find myself flying through this book with more enjoyment than I would of expected.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a contemporary I picked up this year after hearing a lot of hype about it in the book community.

I was hopeful but didn’t hold my breath as contemporary is not a genre I usually enjoy… I was BLOWN away!

Daisy Jones and the Six is a great introduction to contemporaries. If you aren’t sure about the genre, start here!

I honestly thought that ‘Beyond a Darkened Shore’ by Jessica Leake was going to be another norse vikingish book that I would read along with ‘Sky in the Deep’ an ‘Warrior of the Wild’.

I wasn’t completely wrong but I definitely found elements of this book gorier than what I usually read – Sarah J. Maas excluded.

It is definitely one that has really stuck with me for that reason.

I have been looking to getting into poetry just a little bit. I’m not claiming to be an aficionado but I wanted to have a look at what was out there. Britt from Brittany the Bibliophile on YouTune was the reason I picked up ‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace and It was definitely worth the read.

When I heard ‘Wilder Girls’ by Rory Power was about a disease spreading on an island and only teenagers remain I knew I wanted to read this book.

What I didn’t know was that ‘Wilder Girls’ was actually a HORROR!

I have never read a horror book because I am a total scardy cat, but I still want to read ‘Wilder Girls’. One I will be picking up in the day time only.

I really think the saying ‘Never say never’ applies here. I’ve never wanted to read a horror before but here we are with ‘Wilder Girls’ by Rory Power.