Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

Tower of Dawn
by Sarah J Maas
Book #6 in the Throne of Glass series

Publisher: bloomsbury USA Childrens
Date: 2017
Pages: 664
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Fantasy
Days to Read: 10
Purchase Locations:  Amazon and Kindle Audible Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks Scribd QBD

Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq have arrived in the shining city of Antica to forge an alliance with the Khagan of the Southern Continent, whose vast armies are Erilea’s last hope. But they have also come to Antica for another purpose: to seek healing at the famed Torre Cesme for the wounds Chaol received in Rifthold.

After enduring unspeakable horrors as a child, Yrene Towers has no desire to help the young lord from Adarlan, let alone heal him. Yet she has sworn an oath to assist those in need—and will honor it. But Lord Westfall carries shadows from his own past, and Yrene soon comes to realize they could engulf them both.

In this sweeping parallel novel to the New York Times bestselling Empire of Storms, Chaol, Nesryn, and Yrene will have to draw on every scrap of their resilience if they wish to save their friends. But while they become entangled in the political webs of the khaganate, deep in the shadows of mighty mountains where warriors soar on legendary ruks, long-awaited answers slumber. Answers that might offer their world a chance at survival—or doom them all

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas takes place along side the events of Empire of Storms, which gives us a glimpse into how actions and events from Empire of Storms are perceived by the characters who aren’t there. This really added another layer to the story.

We follow Chaol and Nesryn as they travel to the southern continent to attempt to pursude the king to join them in battle as well as seeking out healers with magic to assist Chaol in reeling from his injuries in Rifthold.

When I first started reading ‘Tower of Dawn’ I really didn’t know if I was going to enjoy it at all. I had just come off of reading ‘Empire of Storms’ which left us on a critical point in the story and I really just wanted to know how that specific story line was going to play out in ‘Kingdom of Ash’.

Even though I was keen to skip over ‘Tower of Dawn’ I didn’t, the things we learnt throughout the story were just as shocking and had me on the edge of my seat as anything that happened in ‘Empire of Storms’. we learnt some things that are crucial to the story and honestly had me shocked!

I cannot wait to get to ‘Kingdom of Ash’ and wrap up the story that has had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. But this ending will be a little bitter sweet. ‘Throne of Glass’ is such a mammoth series that it feels like a hell of an achievement to have gotten this far mixed with the sadness of finishing such an enjoyable series.

Regardless, I can’t wait to get reading.

Plot: 7/10
Ease of reading: 6/10
Character Development: 6.5/10
World Building: 7.5/10
Quality of Writing: 7/10
Stars: 4.5/5

What are your thoughts on the ‘Throne of Glass’ Series?

Wrap Up: February 2019

Oh my gosh, February has come and gone. I definitely didn’t get as much reading done as I would of liked but I’ve still done some which is what matter!

I ended up finishing ‘Crown of Midnight’ By Sarah J. Maas at the start of the month and proceeded to spend most of the month reading ‘Heir of Fire’ By Sarah J. Maas. These books are monsters and they really take me a while to get through, so instead of moving straight into ‘Queen of Shadows’ By Sarah J. Maas I decided to read something lighter and completed ‘Fence’ Volumes 1 & 2 By C.S. Pacat as well as ‘Bloom’ By

Goal Wrap Up: January 2019

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TBR: February 2019

Review: ‘Crown of Midnight’ By Sarah J. Maas

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So this was a feature I have now transferred to my weekly updates but will still be posting into these monthly wrap ups. I’ve also started the ABC Book Challenge which will be a feature on my blog for a while. When it comes to life, things got pretty hectic in February and will be hectic for a while longer. We are in the process of moving, which is definitely not my favourite thing to do! But on more of a positive we have managed to book a photographer for our wedding which we are both really excited about! So its been a but of a crazy mixed bag these past four weeks!

TBR: March 2019

March is here and I am ready to read. We are moving at the start of the month but I am hoping that it doesn’t impede on my reading too much.

So I’ve decided for March to move out of my consistent reading of the Throne of Glass series. I am definitely going to keep working my way through the series because I am absolutely loving it. But they are dense books and I want to try and get some other reading done. So I am going to begin the month with what I hope is a quick read with ‘In an Absent Dream’ By Seanan McGuire, the 4th book in the Wayward Children series.

I then plan to jump into ‘The Lost Sister’ By Holly Black a novella in the Cruel Prince series, before I read the 2nd book in the series ‘The Wicked King’ By Holly Black. This is one I’ve been looking forward to picking up so I’m going to prioritise it this month.

Next I want to get to ‘The Similars’ By Rebecca Hanover. I love the concept of this book and it was one that I needed to have when it was released, so I’m feeling pretty bad that I haven’t got to it yet. This month will be the month.

Lastly I want to pick up (and hopefully finish, but who am I kidding) ‘Queen of Shadows’ By Sarah J. Maas. The 4th book in the Throne of Glass series. I am so excited to keep going with this series, because honestly I have been absolutely loving them.

This is definitely one of my most ambitious TBRs that I’ve set. It doesn’t seem like a lot but I really don’t get as much time to read as I would like with a full time job and we are moving next week which means we will be even busier than normal!

I’m just going to stay hopeful that I can kill the reading game this month anyway!

What’s on your TBR this month?

Review: ‘Crown of Midnight’ By Sarah J. Maas

‘Crown of Midnight’

By Sarah J. Maas

Book #2 in the Throne of Glass Series

Date: 2013
Pages: 418
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Fantasy
Days to Read: 21
Purchase Locations: Amazon & Kindle         Audible Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks QBD

From the throne of glass rules a king with a fist of iron and a soul as black as pitch. Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become his Champion. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown. She hides her secret vigilantly; she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil.

Keeping up the deadly charade becomes increasingly difficult when Celaena realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. As she tries to untangle the mysteries buried deep within the glass castle, her closest relationships suffer. It seems no one is above questioning her allegiances—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena’s world shatters, she will be forced to give up the very thing most precious to her and decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie… and whom she is ultimately willing to fight for.

Plot: 8/10
Ease of reading: 7.5/10
Character Development: 8.5/10
World Building: 9/10
Quality of Writing: 8/10
Overall Rating:   5/5

TBR: February 2019

February is here! It may be the shorted month of the year, but I’m hoping to use the time wisely and get some serious reading done.

For me this seems like an ambition month of reading. These puppies are not short books! At the time of reading this I am sitting at bout 300 pages through ‘Crown of Midnight’ by Sarah J. Maas, so I think it would be doable.

I’m determined to finish this series in 2019, so once I’ve finished ‘Crown of Midnight’ I plan to move onto ‘Heir of Fire’ before finally (hopefully) finishing ‘Queen of Shadows’ before March rolls around.

I will finish this series in 2019!

What are you planning to read in February?

Review: ‘Assassin’s Blade’ By Sarah J. Maas

‘The Assassin’s Blade’

By Sarah J. Maas

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publish Date: 2014
Pages: 435
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Fantasy
Days to Read: 9
Purchase Locations: Amazon and Kindle  Audible Booktopia Book Depository Dymocks QBD

Celaena Sardothien is Adarlan’s most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin’s Guild, her allegiance is to her master, Arobynn Hamel, yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer-for-hire, Sam. In these action-packed novellas – together in one edition for the first time – Celaena embarks on five daring missions. They take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous. But she is acting against Arobynn’s orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery. Will Celaena ever be truly free? Explore the dark underworld of this kick-ass heroine to find out.

First of all, how did I not know that this book was a compilation of 5 novella prequel stories to ‘Throne of Glass’?

Honestly, sometimes I think I’m living under a rock.

Each of the novellas (I have no idea what else to call them) follows the key months before Celaena is captured.

It was really interesting to read about Celaena before she went to Endovier and to see her evolution as a person. You can really see the humanity and the assassin within her. She is a wonderfully written character full of contradictions.

These novellas also explore the world of ‘Throne of Glass’. I found myself referring to the map more frequently and I really found that it helps immerse readers in the world, or at least I felt that way.

We meet a lot of the ‘Underworld’ characters throughout these novellas which really allowed us as readers to learn who Celaena was dealing with growing up and before she was captured.

Overall I think this series of novellas is a great edition to the Throne of Glass series.

Plot: 7,5/10
Ease of reading: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10
World Building: 9/10
Quality of Writing: 8/10
Overall Rating:   4.5/5

Have you read ‘Assassin’s Blade’? What were your thoughts?

January 2019 TBR

January 2019 here we are! Honestly I can’t believe its 2019!

So to start off the year here are the books I’m planning to read to kick off the year!

Ok so to start off this year I am only putting 3 books on my TBR but I am hoping to get to a couple more this month, but don’t want to put too many expectations on myself.

I am starting off with ‘Assassin’s Blade’ By Sarah J. Maas. I read ‘Throne of Glass’ By Sarah J. Maas and decided to read ‘Assassin’s Blade’ second to get a back story on Celaena before I continued on with the series.

Once I finish that I am going to read the second book in the Throne of Glass Series ‘Crown of Midnight’, which I will hopefully finish sooner rather than later so I can finish ‘Heir of Fire’ before the end of the month.

I read Throne of Glass in December as part of the Christmas at Hogwarts read-a-thon and now I just want to know how its all going to go! So I am really hoping to complete the series at the start of this year.

Which is kind of fitting seeing as I read the ACOTAR series in February last year!

What are you planning to read this month?

The 7 Deadly Sins Tag

Ok, so I wasn’t tagged – but when am I ever – but I love the questions from the tag after reading Book Tales By Me‘s post, and well, I’m just going to do it anyway.


What is the most expensive book you own? What is the least expensive book you own?

IMG_2687 2

‘The Gray Wolf Throne’ By Cinda Williams Chima… This book was so hard to find! I genuinely paid the most ive ever paid for a book ever for this one! Worth it though!


What book or books have you shamelessly devoured many times?


Harry Potter is honestly one of my favourite series of all time. I am in love with the audio books and I listen to them constantly.


What book or series have you neglected out of sheer laziness?

IMG_2658 2

100% the ‘Throne of Glass’ Series by Sarah J. Maas. I really love Sarah J. Maas’s writing, but it’s such a huge series that I just haven’t picked it up yet.


What book or books do you bring up when you want to sound like an intellectual?

I honestly believe that there are so many types of intellect and that everyone is different. I don’t really bring up many books aside from when I am talking to my partner or some close friends. 


What attributes do you find most attractive in your characters?

Hmm… It depends on the book. But I do love humor in my characters as well as a bit of determination. 


What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

I’d say Sarah J. Maas. I mean I love her books but they are so freaking long. Also J.K. Rowling, I mean I love harry potter but why did so many need to die! (Honestly I’m still not over it!

I tag everyone and anyone who wants to complete this tag!