The Return!

I don’t know if its something that anyone noticed because it happened so out of the blue, but I’ve been a bit absent from here for about 3 months now. This was a very unexpected break. With the world the way that it is currently consistency was a real goal of mine especially when it came to posting because it would take myself and any readers out of what was currently going on if just for a second.

It’s not, however, something I achieved. The lack of routine definitely threw me into a loop. When this all began George and I were living with his parents. We had – a day before the first lockdown begun – signed on the dotted line, purchasing a house.

Fast forward to this new lockdown and we are in our new home and along with that welcomed a new furry family member into the mix.

The combination of anxiety about the state of the world and a whole punch of changes within our lives left all my routine and consistency in tatters.

Now with a bit more stability – if only imagined – I feel that I can finally get back to a little bit of what I am passionate about – sharing glimpses of my world through books with all of you.

So, here I am, ready to jump back into it all. I will be starting slowly. Posting one or two times a week but I can’t wait to read your comments and get back into this awesome community.