2019: How my Reading has Changed

2019 has been an incredible year for me personally. When it comes to reading it has also been a year of growth.

When I started my blog I was reading fantasy, fantasy, fantasy… and maybe a smidge of science fiction. I also stuck to the middle grade and young adult area of books with my biggest leap into a few ‘new adult’ reads.

However in 2019 that really changed for me. Here are a few ways that my reading has changed in 2019…

  1. Graphic novels, comics and manga
    This is the year that I really got into reading any sort of graphic novel. This began with ‘Fence’ by C.S Pacat, which is a graphic novel that follows a group of students at a prestigious school that are on the fencing team.
    This grew into comics and eventually manga and I am finding some amazing stories from this.
  2. Contemporary and Romance stories
    I was adamant that I wouldn’t enjoy reading an type of contemporary story. I had had some very negative experiences in the past and the only contemporary I read in 2018 it took me months and months to finish.
    That is until I picked up ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I was in love. I couldn’t believe I’d been out of the contemporary game for so long and has missed such an incredible read.
    I’ve now found other authors like Mary H.K. Choi, Rachel Hawkins and K.A Tucker.
  3. Historically based stories
    Both ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ and ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid are books where the story is being retold but it set in the 50’s – 80’s. It was really the first time where I didn’t feel board reading about something “historical”.
    This led me to Madeline Miller. My love of Greek myth had a wall. I didn’t want to read historical fiction, however after enjoying those books I wanted to give a historical fiction based in myth that I live and breath was something that I needed to give a go. I was so happy that I did and have now read both ‘Circe’ and ‘Song of Achilles’.

Personally I feel like as a reader I have already grown quite a bit but I am looking forward to 2020’s reading.

The Guilty Reader Book Tag

I saw this tag on Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts page and knew that I wanted to give it a go!

The creator of this tag is Chami at read like Wildfire.

Lets get into the questions…

I don’t think I’ve ever regifted a book that I’ve been given, however I don’t get given too many books that I haven’t explicitly asked for.

I have 100% done this. I know I did it in high school at least once when I just couldn’t get through an assigned text in the designated time.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I’ve definitely returned books late to the library but I’ve always returned them.

only once and that was the Amanda Lovelace Poetry collection and boy did it stress me out! It wasn’t even a series where you would need to read them in order but I absolutely hate reading series out of order. Even when there is one series and then its companion series. I will read them in order.

Not intentionally or that I know of. I’ve I’ve spoiled a book for you I am so sorry!

I used to dog ear my pages all the time! That’s how my mum used to read so when I started reading longer books I just did what I saw her do. Now I am a religious bookmark user.

I don’t think I have

I don’t think I’ve skipped a whole chapter but I have definitely skim read some more info dumpy sections of books.

I may have at some point, probably back when I was a teenager. Now however I am proud of the books I enjoy to read and it doesn’t really both me if others don’t. Everyone’s different.

I tag everyone!