February Goal Update

Even though we have hit the half way point of March, I still feel it is important to reflect on the previous month and the goals I am working towards in 2020.

  1. becoming more actively vegetarian was something that I started off working really well towards in January, however, in February I definitely didn’t stick to it as well as I would have liked. Beginning the term and becoming busier is something I definitely struggle with when it comes to achieving me goals and it seems it has been no different with this. I am definitely going to make more of a conscious effort in the coming months.
  2. It is now the beginning of March and I am sitting at 22 completed books in 2020 so far leaving me 4 books ahead of schedule. Definitely on the right track.
  3. February was a really good month for workouts. I was definitely the most consistent I’ve been so far in both 2020 and 2019. I began playing basketball again which has definitely had a big impact on everything workout related.
  4. Still haven’t signed up for a fun run or started properly running. Better get onto that.
  5. I only purchased 2 books in February and read about 10 books in January, so I definitely stuck to buying less books that I read.
  6. Still working hard and saving money and still actively looking at houses. We’ve missed out on two seperate houses at auction, which is something that is really tough on me but we are still out there looking.

How are your 2020 goals going?

2019 Goal Review

2020 is roaring away and with that came some new goals, yet I had not forgotten about my 2019 goals that I worked on throughout the year. Looking back I think its important to look at what worked and what did not.

My first goal for 2019 was to read 45 books. I set this goal based on reading just under 45 book in 2018. My reading picked up significantly though -Yay! – and I ended up surpassing this goal and reading a total of 96 books.

I really wanted to focus ion hydration throughout the year as previously I was not very good at drinking water. I found throughout the year that while I was working I was able to drink the recommended 2L a day, as I carry a drink bottle with me all day. When I got home however or was not working I would forget to drink much at all. Even though it is not a goal for me in 2020 I do want to continue to improve on this.

Buy less books, boy I kept this one vague. I definitely purchased less books in 2019 than I did in 2018. 2018 was when I was really getting back into reading and wanted to grow my collection. Do I think I still purchased too many books… Yes. The lack of perimeters really made it easy for me to just keep buying books with minimal buying bans. I have definitely rectified this for 2020.

At the beginning of the year I set myself a savings goal. When I started 2019 I had some credit card debt I needed to pay off and a bad book buying habit. I am genuinely proud that I don’t have the credit card debt and I managed to meet the goal I set for myself. Here’s to finally getting my life together – at least a little.

my final goal revolved around following a night routine. This was one that just never stuck. The intention was to be off technology and either reading or just relaxing without a screen in front of me at night. It never really took.

Overall, the goals I set were mostly ones that were attainable and measurable – lets ignore the “buy less books” one here – I personally find this super important when setting goals as I find if they are more vague I am unable to really work towards anything. I will definitely take away things from my 2019 goals and am already using those things in achieving my 2020 goals.

How did you go with your 2019 goals?

2020 Goals

Happy New year Everyone!

2020 is upon us and with that is new goals to work towards. I am really excited about all my goals for the new year and to really get into what I have set myself and work hard to achieve them.

Lets get into what I want to work towards in 2020.

In 2020 I want to become more actively vegetarian. I don’t usually eat meat during the day for lunches and things but most of the time there is some sort of meat protein in my dinners. for 2020 I want the majority of my meals to be vegetarian. I am excluding when we visit George’s (my husbands) Yiayia, as she loves cooking and I’d feel bad asking for specifics. We do eat vegetarian meals sometimes when we goes and others she cooks George’s favourite. In these situations I’ll eat what I am given however when I am cooking for myself I will cook vegetarian… I hope that makes some sense.

Throughout the year I want to read 100 books. I was able to read a total of 96 in 2019, so I am hoping that 100 for this year is a doable goal.

Motivation for working out is something that I have continued to struggle with during 2019 and I have really tried to become better however I cannot motivate myself. I am hoping that setting some doable goals can help my with my fitness goals. I really want to just become consistent with workouts. In doing this I am hoping to workout 3 times a week as well as doing on day of Yoga or stretching.

This goal kind of fits in with my workout goal but I really hope to participate in a fun run this year.

Another book goal I have set for myself is to buy less books than I read in 2020. To do this I am setting the amount of books I read in the previous month as the maximum amount of books I can purchase the following month. For example if I were to read 10 books in January, then I can’t buy more than 10 books in February. I’m hoping this way I can still keep up with releases I want to read as well as a few older books I’ve been eying, while still saving money.

This year George and I have a goal of buying a house. We have been working really hard to save money to find our own little space to own and we are hoping that we are able to do that this year. We also hope to purchase a car (definitely second hand).

After these two Huge expenses I am hoping to also save some money – I definitely have a goal amount in mind but that one will be just for me.

What are some of your goals for 2020? What are you prioritising in your life?

October Goal Update

Again this post is super late as its over half way through November, but I really wanted to stay consistent and post this so that I can keep being accountable.

I’m going to admit that October I was not a great month for my goals, I was definitely getting more stressed out about the wedding, albeit not super stressed but definitely more so than usual.

I’m also definitely looking ahead to 2020 already when it comes to goals and what I want to achieve.

Here’s how my goals looked in October

  1. Read 45 Books
    Honestly I shouldn’t even have this listed as a goal anymore seeing as its my only real measurable goal and I’ve already surpassed it. I was sitting at around 77ish books in October, so will definitely be trying to challenge myself a little more in 2020.
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    This one really depends on the day. Some days I am really good with it and some days I am really bad about it. I definitely want to try and end the year with a bit of consistency.
  3. Buy less books
    I was great with this in October I only got a couple of books in the mail that I had pre ordered. Hopefully I can keep it going.
  4. Hit my savings goal
    The wedding definitely took our savings backwards a bit but we are really working hard to get back on track.
  5. Built and follow a night routine
    This is the first one to go when I am even a little bit stressed. So it hasn’t been fantastic, however its also something that I’m not prioritising.

Overall: Could of been worse could of been better.

how are your 2019 goals going? Are you already looking to 2020?

September Goal Update

The end of another month means another time to reflect on my goals for the year and how I am actually going about achieving them. To be honest some of my goals are always on my mind and I am consciously making an effort towards achieving them, others I genuinely can’t remember until I am doing a goal update like this and think ‘oh yeah’. So its really hit or miss.

September went a little like this:

  1. Read 45 Books
    I’ve already surpassed this goal for 2019, now I’m just seeing how many book I can read this year so that next year I can set a higher, but still reasonable goal.
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    I’m definitely better than I was back in 2018, I always have a drink bottle on me and a gravitate towards sipping water a lot of the time.
  3. Buy less Books
    still an epic failure! I have probably managed to buy less than 2018 but September was not a good month for this goal. I was a little out of control!
  4. Hit my savings goal
    I was so so so close to achieving this goal, however we’ve had to pay for a lot of stuff for the wedding – its only 6 weeks away, YIKES – so my savings has definitely taken a hit, but we knew it would.
  5. Build and follow a night routine
    I’ve gotten a lot better with making sure I take my make up off every night and always putting a moisturiser or serum on, I did want to start reading a little bit more at night, however that one is still a work in progress.

Overall September wasn’t a bad month, my biggest fail is buying so many books!

How are your 2019 Goals going?

Goal Update: April 2019

If you are new to the Ordinary Worlds family, welcome, but also here is a little overview of the goals I set for myself in 2019.

  1. Read 45 books
  2. Drink 2L of water each day
  3. Build and follow a night routine
  4. Buy less books
  5. Hit my savings
  6. Take everything as it comes

Here is how I am tracking with these goals.

  1. Read 45 books. I think I am doing pretty well considering we are only 4 months into the year, being 9 books ahead of my goal is definitely encouraging.

2. Drink 2L of water each day. I’m going to say that I am definitely drinking MORE water each day, is it 2L probably not, but it’s better than it was and I am hoping to keep going and improving throughout the year.

3. Build and follow a night routine. This is something I find super easy to do during the week when I am at work. On the holidays or on the weekends however I find it a lot more difficult. I am definitely now trying to make a conscious effort to properly wash my face before bed as well as trying to read instead of scrolling through my phone.

4. Buy Less books. This is one I definitely feel I am failing at. I think I need to have steps in place for when I want to buy a new book. That’s something that I can work on I think.

5. I’ve definitely made steps towards my savings goal, but I feel like I have also made steps back cough putting things on my credit card cough but I am trying to look forward now and focus on what I can do about paying that off and saving now and not dwelling on the money mistakes I’ve made.

6. taking everything as it comes is difficult for me. I have definitely been trying more to do that but some times I’m not as good at it.

Goal Update: March 2019

Recapping my goals for 2019, I am aiming too:

  1. Read 45 books
  2. Drink 2L of water each day
  3. Build and follow a night routine
  4. Buy less books
  5. Hit my savings
  6. Take everything as it comes

This month has been all over the place, but here is how I’m tracking:

  1. By the end of March my total books read was at 16, which is definitely ahead for this point in the year to reach 45 books! Always a good sign to be tracking well.
  2. I have been yoyoing with this for the whole month. Some days I am great and I drink a ton of water and other days I am completely useless and forget to drink much at all. I have tried to drink water first thing in the morning while I am getting ready for work. This is something I haven’t really done before but I am definitely finding that I feel more awake when I do.
  3. My night routine is pretty good now. I have all my masks and moisturisers and serums and I am pretty good at following it most of the time. I think consistency is where I need to pick up a little.
  4. I’ve definitely been buying less books this month, which does feel good (I know… what?!) let’s see if this can continue.
  5. I think I am finally at a point this year where I can proactively save. So lets see how we go with hitting this goal.
  6. this has been hit and miss again. But overall I feel more relaxed.

New Years Resolutions Book Tag 2019

I saw this tag in Jenniely’s blog you can check out her post here!

Being the New Year – kind of still – I decided it was a good time to complete this tag…

V.E. Schwab! I’ve really been wanting to pick up the ‘Darker Shade of Magic’ series and I really hope I can get to it this year!

I only got this book last year so kind of makes sense that I haven’t read it yet, but ‘Strange the Dreamer’ is one I want to get to in 2019.

100% ‘A Court of and Fury’ By Sarah J. Maas. I mean I want to reread the whole series but I think this is my favourite book of them all!

Rick Riordan! I’ve read the Percy Jackson Series, The Heroes of Olympus Series and the books that are out in the Trials of Apollo series. This year I really hope to get to the the Magnus Chase series.

So I didn’t really get any books for Christmas but I did purchase this book around Christmas time. I haven’t heard to much about ‘Nimona’ by Noelle Stevenson but it looks really good and I can’t wait to get into it.

The Seven Realms series By Cinda Williams Chima. I’ve heard a little bit about this series and it sounded like something that I’d enjoy, so I am keen to get to it in 2019.

I am currently working my way through this series which I started at the end of last year. I’ve ended up finishing ‘Throne of Glass’ and ‘Assassin’s Blade’ and am currently reading ‘Crown of Midnight’. So excited to hopefully finish this series in 2019.

I do set reading goals. For 2019 I want to try and read 45 books!

In 2019 I want to try and buy less books as well as decreasing the gap between my read and unread books.

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to participate in this tag!