O.W.L.S 2020 Readathon TBR

I am so excited that the O.W.L.S are upon us. This is one of my all time favourite readathons, hosted by Gee from Book Roast on YouTube. The O.W.L.S have happened every April for the past 2 years with this being the 3rd year its run. It really couldn’t come at a better time either!

Gee has also created a careers guide which is linked to her announcement video each time and has this year added some more career options. Even with these awesome additional careers I still chose one that was in the original guide and that is…

This means that to pass my O.W.L.S I need to read 8 books, for each of the subject prompts which are as follows.

These are the books I’m picking up for each prompt.

Heart Rune: Read a book with a heart of the cover or in the title

I’ve decided to reread ‘Wild at Heart’ by K.A. Tucker for this prompt. I know that its one that I enjoy and even though I only recently read it for the first time, I cannot wait to get back into it!

Magical Qualities of Number 2: Balance/opposites: read something outside your favourite genre

For a book outside my favourite genre I decided to go with ‘Empress of a Thousand Skies’ by Rhoda Belleza, a science fiction. I don’t really have many genres I don’t like but I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and contemporaries lately.

Lumos Maxima: White Cover

I’m not really sure yet which book I want to read with a white cover yet so I’ve got three options to choose from ‘The Dream Thieves’ by Maggie Stiefvater, ‘Nevernight’ by Jay Kristoff and ‘The Dragon Republic’ by R.F. Kuang. I am leaning towards ‘The Dragon Republic’ since I recently completed ‘The Poppy War’ and I want to be up to date before the third book is released.

Grindylows: Book set at the sea/coast

After watching Emma at Drinking by my shelf, do a 24 hour readathon where she read all the Lemony Snicket, I knew I wanted to read them again since I realised that when I read them as they came out I never finished them. I got up to book 3 which I remember being set by the sea so I decided to save ‘The Wide Window’ for the O.W.L.S.

Mimbulus Mimbletonia: Title that starts with M

After narrowing it down from my three options, I decided to pick up ‘Maybe This Time’ by Kasie West for the prompt. I want something fun and light to throw into this TBR so a contemporary seems like the best option.

A book from the perspective of a muggle (Contemporary)

For the contemporary I wanted to mix it up a little bit and pick up ‘Heartstopper: Volume 3’ by Alice Oseman, a contemporary graphic novel. This is one that I am so excited to pick this one up!

Shrinking Solution: book under 150 pages

I actually found it really difficult to find a book that filled this prompt and after going through my graphic novel collection and found that ‘Thor: God of Thunder Reborn’ by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward fit the bill perfectly!

Animagus Lecture: Book/series that includes shape shifting

I don’t think I have any other books on my shelf that have shape shifter as a feature which works out perfectly because I am almost done with my Twilight reread, which means I can fill this prompt with ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer.

I am so happy that it’s O.W.L.S season again and I really cannot wait to get into all these wonderful stories. This readathon could not have come at a better time, so if you have the chance, join in, let me know if you will be participating and we can connect as a community and read some amazing stories together!

Triwizard Tournament Readathon

I was hunting around the internet hoping to find a readathon happening in November to participate in when I stumbled upon Chapter Charms Triwizard Tournament readathon.

I’ll give you a little overview, but the readathon is quite involved so I would recommend heading to chapter charms page for clearer instructions.

here’s the gist.

readers a broken up into hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang based on their birth month. Everyone is competing.

On Halloween, the feast where all the school meet to choose the champions in the books, each school will be assigned a dragon for the first task. This is your first book of the readathon. Each task – so the dragons for first task – takes place over a week between November 11th the end of the year.

each task then contains a second challenge focusing on how you will face your task, which is the second book for that task/week.

the second task will be impacted by your score in the first task.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I’ve decided to take the time now to work out the books I will read for each challenge, then when it comes time to begin each task I already know what books I am going to read.

The First Task: Dragons

The first talk takes place between November 11th 2019 and November 17th 2019.

As you can see for each dragon there is a different prompt and for each prompt I’ve chosen a book.

The second challenge is the method of which you decide to face your dragon. Readers need to complete at least one method. Each additional method is additional points.

The Second Task: The Lake

The Second Task takes place between November 25th and December 1st 2019.

The person you are assigned to save depends on how many points you attain in the first task. Here are my books for each one.

The second challenge is again the method you will choose to save your person. For each additional method used additional points are given.

The Third Task: The Maze

The third task takes place between 9th December and the 15th December.

The first Challenge is to get through the maze and face at least one (again additional points given for more than one faced) challenge.

The second challenge is to read a a book containing time travel.

and thats it, I’m hoping I can get through all the challenges and win the Triwizard Tournament.

I am so excited for this readathon to start!

2019 Reading Challenge update #2

My last update on this reading challenge was in August which seriously feels like forever ago. Here’s where I was at then.

Here are the books I’ve read since then to fulfil even more of these challenges!

These books fulfilled 11 new prompts for the reading challenge.
‘Nimona’ by Noelle Stevenson fulfilled the challenge to read a book about a villain/antihero.
‘To Kill a Kingdom’ by Alexandra Christo fulfills the challenge to read a book club book which a read as the group book for the Mythathon.
‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Dana Alison Levy fulfills the challenge to read a mystery.
‘Anne of Green Gables: The Graphic Novel’ Adapted by Mariah Marsden.
‘Maybe in Another Life’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid fulfills the challenge read a chick lit.
‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid fulfills the challenge to read a historical fiction.
‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany fulfils the challenge to read a play.
‘Strange the Dreamer’ by Laini Taylor Fulfils the challenge to read a book based on your Hogwarts house.
‘The Raven Boys’ by Maggie Stiefvater fulfils the Paranormal challenge.
‘The Mermaids Voice Returns in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace fulfils the non fiction challenge.
Finally, ‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace fulfils the Empowering challenge.

I can’t want to keep working on this challenge for the rest of the year!

Now that I’ve added these books heres how it looks.

Not many challenges left now!

2019 Reading Challenge Update #1

Back in May I decided to join in on the 2019 Reading Challenge hosted by The Perks of Being Noura. After working away at it for a couple of months I thought I would give an update on how its all going. When I posted about the challenge I had already completed the following:

Here are the books I’ve read since then that have fulfilled more challenges!

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ By Kevin Kwan fulfils the prompt 1 which is to read a ‘Book turned into movie in 2019’.

‘Milk and Honey’ By Rupi Kaur fulfils prompt number 6 which is to read a ‘poetry book’.

‘Sky in the Deep’ By Arienne Young fulfils prompt 13 which is to read a ‘Goodreads award winning book’

‘Girls With Shard Sticks’ By Suzanne Young fulfils prompt 22, ‘read a dystopian/science fiction’.

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ By J.K. Rowling fulfils prompt 25 to read ‘an authors debut novel’

‘The Kingdom’ By Jess Rothenberg fulfils prompt 29 to read a book ‘that takes place in the future’

‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer’ By Rick Riordan fulfils prompt 32, ‘a story within a story’

‘Heartstopper: Volume 1’ By Alice Oseman fulfils prompt 33, read a book that is ‘set around the world’ with Heartstoppers being set in England it was the perfect choice.

‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: ‘The Hammer of Thor’ By Rick Riordan fulfils prompt number 40 to read ‘a diverse book’ I counted this for this prompt because we have a Bi sexual character and a gender fluid character.

‘Emergency Contact’ By Mark H.K. Choi fulfils prompt 50, ‘read a contemporary’

‘The Geography of Lost things’ By Jessica Brody fulfils prompt 52 which is to read a book ‘based on the cover’

After checking off these reads I’ve now completed 29 of 52 prompts!

Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon Update

Ok, so i know no one is keenly awaiting an update on the Christmas at Hogwarts read-a-thon, but I thought I would post one anyway.

So far I have completed:
* ‘Finish your course work‘ which was a prompt to finish your current read.
* I then decided to ‘Help Hagrid decorate the trees’ which was a book with gold detailing on the cover. Originally I was going to read ‘Shadow and Bone’ By Leigh Bardugo but since it took me longer than I anticipated to finished my current read I chose something a little easier to read and went with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindewald’ the Official Screenplay by J.K. Rowling, which I’ve now finished.

*Next was ‘Visit the 3 broomsticks for Mulled Pixie Wine’ which was a prompt to read a book that would take a day to read for this I was originally going to read ’50 ways to Yay’ by Alexi Panos but decided instead to read ‘Explorer: The Mystery Boxes’ By Kazu Kibuishi’which was definitely a good choice as I really enjoyed it.

*The 4 the prompt I chose from the 3 options and chose ‘Attend the Yule Ball’ which was read a book you’ve been preparing yourself for. I intend to stick with ‘Throne of Glass’ By Sarah J. Maas.

*The final reading prompt has 2 options and I am still sticking with ‘Use the invisibility cloak to sneak into the restricted section’ which is to read a banned book. For this one I am sticking with ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ By J.K. Rowling.

Thats the update on my first ever reading challenge! Are you participating? How are you going with your reading challenge?

Review: ‘A Kingdom of Exiles’ By S.B. Nova


‘A Kingdom of Exiles’
By S.B. Nova
Book #1 in the Outcasts Series) 

Publisher: Night Owl
Publish Date: 2017
Pages: 598 (Kindle Edition)
Series: Outcast #1
Fiction/Non-Fiction:  Fiction
Genre: Young adult Fantasy
Purchase Locations: Kindle


The brightest of stars are always born on the darkest of nights.
Serena Smith is unusual. 
Growing up in a backwoods village, her life is lonely and dull. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, she’s gifted a magical heirloom only to be snatched by fae and condemned to a lifetime in chains.
Dragged to Aldar, a fae kingdom ruled by a tyrant witch, Serena discovers a forbidden love, and meets fellow outcasts, each with their own dark secrets. 
As the lives of warriors, rebels, and witches clash, they find a shared destiny. For only together, and with Serena’s unique gifts, can they survive long enough to build the flames of a revolution. Only together can they go to war. 

My Thoughts

I jumped into this books after watching Book Sunday‘s video discussing her March wrap up. I was instantly intrigued  in the story. I have only just discovered Fae and Fae novels (I know did I grow up under a rock!) and had read and LOVED the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series after seeing Imogen rave about them.

I was not disappointed, well not until the end and I discovered that there isn’t a release date or eve  a title for the next novel! I’m addicted.

Serena, our main character is a strong protagonist. We meet her in adverse circumstances, experiencing grief. She is growing up in a village where she doesn’t feel or is treated like she belongs. We follow Serena until our story really begins and she turns 18. She ends away from her village – and trust me reading how that happens will have your emotions going crazy! – and on her way to Alder, against her will.

We meet a flurry of characters after this who I seemed to always have strong feelings about which i was really surprised about and give great credit to the writing.

This book had me totally engaged, I was so mad any time I had to put it down (which was a lot) and just wanted to keep reading what was happening and experiencing this world with Serena.

The world building through out was absolutely spot on. every detail was covered and I didn’t finish it feeling like there were holes in the story.

Overall an amazing read. I really don’t like reading things on my phone or laptop (personal preference) and actively avoid things like kindle BUT I’m so glad that I decided to pick this one up and give it a read. I would say the only negative I have is AVAILABILITY – I cannot find it in physical form anywhere I’ve looked.

My Rating

Plot: 8/10
Ease of reading: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10
World Building: 9/10
Quality of Writing: 8.5/10
Stars:  5/5

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What are some Fae/Faerie novels or stories you would recommend?



2018 A to Z Reading Challenge

img_20170922_204343_001000 (1)

Its official!!

After getting back into reading during 2017, I have decided to challenge myself even further. For 2018 I am going to undertake my FIRST EVER reading challenge.

The A to Z reading challenge is being hosted by GingerMomReads. If Anyone is interested in joining in the challenge head over to their page for more information.

Throughout the year I will be coming back to this post to update My Reading Alphabet with the books i have completed, each of which will have a review post if you would like any more information about the books i have read.

This is definitely a huge undertaking for myself, but 2018 is going to be the year of #gettingmyshittogether which includes challenging myself.

So the point of this challenge is to read a book with a title that begins with each letter of the alphabet throughout 2018 (important note: ‘The’ doesn’t count – thank goodness)

My Reading Alphabet

A. ‘Artemis’ By Andy Weir

B. ‘Beneath the Sugar Sky’ By Seanan McGuire

C. ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ By Sarah J. Mass

D. ‘Down Among the Sticks and Bones’ By Seanan McGuire

E. ‘Every Heart a Doorway’ By Seanan McGuire


G. ‘Genesis’ By Bernard Beckett

H. ‘House of Hades’ By Rick Riordan

I.‘The Isle of the Lost’ by Melissa De La Cruz


K. ‘A Kingdom of Exiles’ By S.B. Nova

L. ‘The Lost Hero’ By Rick Riordan

M. ‘Marabel and the Book of Fate’ By Tracy Barrett


O. ‘Obsidio’ By Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

P. ‘Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian’ By Rick Riordan


R. ‘Renegades’ By Marissa Meyer

S. ‘The Serpent’s Secret’ By sayantani Dasgupta

T. ‘Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle’ By Rick Riordan

U. ‘Unearthed’ By Amie Kaufman and Magan Spooner


W. ‘The Wizards of Once’ by Cressida Cowell


Y. ‘Yes Please’ By Amy Poehler


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