Netflix Book Tag

I saw this Tag over on Kristin Kraves Books Blog and as I love Netflix and books I thought this was a great Tag.

Finished Red. White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston the day of writing this post! So good!

All three of these books I’ve read based on recommendations from BookTubers and Bookstagramers who have similar tastes to me. All of them I absolutely love.

I’ve read both Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga and I haven’t read House of Earth and Blood and Chain of Gold.

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lmony Snicket is a series that although not meant to be conventionally funny is exceptionally witty!

Constantine, the priest from ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ by Katherine Arden. Honestly the biggest drama King I’ve ever read, he drove me mental as a character.

There are so many series that I want to reread its crazy!

The Forest Feast is a vegetarian recipe book that also contains some absolutely stunning photos and can double as a gorgous coffee table book!

The entire Throne of Glass series is utterly action packed!

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Who Am I? Tag

I definitely WANT to say fantasy for this but it would definitely be a contemporary, probably with a late 20’s main character who people don’t really care to read about.

Maybe Victoria from The Twilight Saga, She definitely is insane but I can understand that she went a bit more off her rocker after James was killed by Edward and his family.

Maybe Calla from ‘The Simple Wild’ by K.A. Tucker. I definitely want to go to Alaska, however I am definitely more high maintenance.

I loved the Saddle Club books when I was younger but now, obviously, not so much.

As much as I probably wouldn’t be as brave or as badass I would definitely want to be Aelin from ‘Kingdom of Ash’.

I think the fact that I always have multiple books on the go is indicative of my personality. I am constantly focusing on a million different things and once and trying to complete all of them. I also really enjoy reading and prefer spending my time completing activities where I am by myself or with a select few people.

I definitely learnt how to challenge myself from reading and that I am more capable than I believe I am. I’ve definitely accepted myself more from reading as well.

Book Bucket List Tag

Honestly it feels like I am making up from my lack of Tag posts throughout the year in October but here we are, hopefully this is the last for a while, but not making any promises!

I saw this over in Jessica C Reads blog, so make sure to check her out!

Both the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and the Keeper of Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger are massive series in length and in the size of each individual book. If I can finish these both I will feel very accomplished.

Id have to say either Shannon Messenger or Rick Riordan

oh wow thats a super tough question. Maybe J.K. Rowling. I’d probably ask her how Harry Potter has changed her as a person?

I am more of a reader than a writer but what I would write would most likely be a fantasy or contemporary. So if I was to write/read something outside my comfort zone maybe realistic fiction.

The US hardcover box set of the Harry Potter series is on my absolute dream list!

I definitely collect books in general and I really want to start collecting book marks, I feel like I never have enough and am always looking for one.

One day I want to get the chance to go to a Barnes and Nobles! Honestly such a dream.

Hands down BookCon and Book Expo.

I love the vibes of these covers, very chill and somewhat mysterious.

I’d love to finish my current TBR (its crazy long) and find a bookish community that shares the same interest in similar books. I really wish I had more people that enjoy similar stories!

I tag everyone and anyone to do the Buck List Tag

Book I want to read but don’t

I saw this tag over on Elaine’s blog and thought it would be a good tag to do to really take a look at this TBR back list that I have going on.

I feel like there are a ton of these.

Everybody has been talking about ‘King of Scars’ By Leigh Bardugo. I’m not going to lie, I do really want to see what its all about, but not having read the other books by Leigh Bardugo and knowing they are all some hoe connected I want to get to them before I even think about reading ‘King of Scars’

Ummm… ‘Kingdom of Ash’ By Sarah J. Maas, need I say more?

I am actually planning on getting to this Tome soon, but its length is really slowing me down.

these are just a few choices, ‘Timekeeper’ By Tara Sim, ‘Red Rising’ By Pierce Brown and ‘York: The Shadow Cipher’ By Laura Ruby. I honestly can leave book on my TBR for ages!

‘Open’ By David Price is a book currently on our reading list for work. I’ve read bits and pieces but need to sit down and get through a bit more.

‘The Gilded Wolves’ By Roshani Chokshi. All I know is that this book has some historical fiction aspects and I don’t usually read a lot of historical fiction so I am definitely intimidates to read this one.

I am someone who doesn’t read a lot of contemporaries. In general I find them slow, so I feel like – for me personally – ‘The Geography of Lost Things’ by Jessica Brody might be a bit of a slower read.

Every single book I ever read.

I actually really struggle to read anything that I am not in the mood to read. This makes it particularly hard to choose books to take on vacation with be because I don’t know what reading mood I’ll be in when I get there and actually get to reading.

This is the second book in a series and is another Historical Fiction with magic and time travel included. I love magic and anything fantasy based but the historical aspect makes me unsure as to whether I’ll like it.

The Book Interview Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Destiny at Howling Libraries to do this tag and I couldn’t be more excited!



Fantasy; Science Fiction and Adventure

Rick Riordan and John August

Sarah J. Maas, J.K. Rowling and Seanan McGuire

Absolutely love these books and they are ones I will always reread!

‘Artemis’ By Andy Weir

I definitely didn’t find it as easy to read as ‘The martian’ but I still really enjoyed it.

I don’t want to be that person… but I love a good cover. I’ll still read a book regardless of a cover, but I love a good cover. When it comes to the writing I love a book that really immerses me in the world and had great world building.

I generally prefer to collect the hardcover editions of books. But aside from that I would only say the Harry Potter series is one I actually collect.

It depends on the situation.
For day to day I always carry a physical book – hardcover usually that I read when I’m on the train.
I like audiobooks – when they have a good narrator- for when I’m going for a walk, doing something around the house or even walking from the train to work and vice versa.
eBooks is a new one for me, but after ending up with 2.5kg of books on my last international trip I’ve been converted specifically for travel! It’s so much easier.

I used to keep them, but I’m being more brutal now and getting rid of anything I didn’t enjoy.

That’s a tough question to answer. I’d love to say someone badass, but that’s just not me. If I had to choose I’d say someone like Bella from ‘Twilight’ or Lara Jean from ‘To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before’.

The Sibling Book Tag

I don’t remember where I saw this Tag but if you’ve been following for a while you know I love a good Tag! So why not complete one I’ve had sitting around for a while!

I absolutely adore this book! I am genuinely sad that there isn’t a sequel but thats because I’m selfish and I love the world and the writing style.

The story is wrapped up really well and the characters have depth, considering its such a small book, that was unexpected.

But I will always love this standalone.

I’m going to be the most predictable person ever and say ‘Harry Potter’. This is probably one of my all time favourite series that I reread – and by reread I mean listen to because Stephen Fry is the best narrator ever – constantly!

‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ By Sarah J. Maas.

I really liked the first book, but I feel like shit got real in the second book and i just couldn’t stop reading!

Ok, I don’t know what this question means so I’m going to say the last book you read and that was ‘Assassin’s Blade’ By Sarah J. Maas.

‘The Confectioner’s Guild’ By Claire Luana.

I don’t know why, but this book took me a month to finish. Definitely for reasons not based on the book (like being the end of the school year).

At this stage I haven’t really picked up any Duologies that come to mind. I am excited to get to the ‘Strange the Dreamer‘ Duology as well as ‘The Last Namsara’ and the ‘Six of Crows‘ Duology.

‘The Woman in White’By Wilkie Collins. This was one I had to read in year 11 English Literature Class. I don’t know if the thing that annoyed me was the book itself or my teachers rants about the themes. Either way, I will never forget reading that book, even 11 years later…

I Tag everyone and anyone! What was the most recent read that you absolutely loved?

Naughty or Nice Tag

The lovely Jess and Teagan from Fiction No Chaser tagged me to complete the Naughty or Nice tag! Thank you so much! 

This tag was originally created by Jenn in 2017. 


  • Tag & link the person who tagged you
  • Tag and link me/this post (if you would be so kind, I love reading your answers!)
  • Tick/cross off the ones you’ve done
  • Tag another 10 people!

Received an ARC and not reviewed it

Nice list – I haven’t received any ARCs to review! 

Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley 

Nice list – not on Netgalley! 

Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did) 

Nice List – So far I’ve reviewed everything I’ve read this year! 

Folded down the page of a book

Nice List – I hate dog earing pages so I always use a bookmark

Accidentally spilled on a book

Nice list – Not this year.. yay! 

DNF’d a book this year 

Naughty list – I agree this isn’t naughty, I’ve wanted to read a lot thing year and I’m not into it, I’m not into it. 

Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it

Nice list – I intend to read all the books I’ve bought this year, I just make sure the cover i get is one I really like.

Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework) 

Naughty list – 100% have read at work when I’ve had things to do.

Skim read a book

Naughty list – I haven’t skimmed an entire book but when the plot is getting slow in parts of a book I automatically start skim reading. 

Completely missed your Goodreads goal

Nice list – I have currently exceeded my Goodreads goal by 111%

Borrowed a book and not returned it to the library

Nice list – I’ve only borrowed books from a local library, I really want to join my local library. I have borrowed from my school library but we can borrow for extended time there. 

Broke a book buying ban 

Naughty List – twice this year… yikes, I have a problem. 

Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about 

Naughty list – I have definitely done this when I’ve been in a slump and also when I’ve been reading books like crazy.

Wrote in a book you were reading 

Nice list – I don’t write in books.

Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads

Nice list – adding it to my Goodreads just makes me feel more accomplished so its usually the first thing I do when I finish a book.

Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend 

Nice list – mostly because I don’t have the same reading tastes as my friends so we don’t usually share books.

Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book 

Naughty list – I generally don’t like lending out my books, I will sometimes. 

Broke the spine of someone else’s book 

Nice List- Never

Took the jacket off a book to protect it and ended up making it more damaged

Nice List – I protect my book jackets with my life

Sat on a book accidentally 

Naughty list – I do this a lot, in the car, on the bed, on the couch…

My final score? Nice: 13/ Naughty:  6

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Completing 3 Rick Riordan Quizzes

So Classic Sunday… I’ve just finished my latest read, yes I’m hella proud of myself, and I want to spend some time relaxing before getting organised for the week ahead. I’ve watched all my YouTube subscriptions and my fiancee is playing an utterly terrifying video game….

Next best option quizzes!

I stumbled upon some quizzes on Rick Riordan’s Website and decided why not.

The First one I completed was ‘Which Greek Hero are you?’

my results…..

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 5.23.22 pm.png

Which I totally love because I strive to be dedicated honourable and brave (although that ones a bit harder haha)

Next up I did the ‘What’s Your Magical Object?’ Quiz

I got….

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 5.30.08 pm.png

I honestly love this! It made me laugh so much!

The last quiz I did – because lets face it I really need to get organised for work – was the ‘Who’s Your Godly Parent?’ Quiz and I was so ready…

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 5.34.09 pm.png

Definitely not complaining about that!!

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

Chat with me 2

Let me know what you get if you take any of these quizzes