February Bullet Journal Spreads

We are back with another Bullet Journal Spread. I kept things pretty consistent from January as I found that I used them and I liked all of them.

I went with another nature kind of theme from mountains to a cabin (that is definitely located in the mountains) I added a touch of pink for Valentines day but didn’t want to go for an entirely pink theme.

For the calendar spread I wanted to go for seperated squares with some shadowing and start from the first day of the month and end on the last instead of using up space with additional squares.

One of my favourite and what I find to be the most useful spreads are my trackers.

I track my sleep, mood and stress up the top to allow comprison between each month.

I then track my (loose) internittent fasting and on the other page I track things that I am eating and doing i.e. exercise.

the next pages are my instagram post schedule and my To Be Read page (lets please ignore the ink splodge – I am so annoyed)

My last double pages are my reading tracker which this month is Scamp themed and my reading log. On the last page I plan to use as a monthly review.

My new addition this month is a journal page. January was a bit of a rough month and I’ve found myself reflecting.

I wanted to have a space to write these reflections so that I can look back on them in the future.

Goal Update: March 2019

Recapping my goals for 2019, I am aiming too:

  1. Read 45 books
  2. Drink 2L of water each day
  3. Build and follow a night routine
  4. Buy less books
  5. Hit my savings
  6. Take everything as it comes

This month has been all over the place, but here is how I’m tracking:

  1. By the end of March my total books read was at 16, which is definitely ahead for this point in the year to reach 45 books! Always a good sign to be tracking well.
  2. I have been yoyoing with this for the whole month. Some days I am great and I drink a ton of water and other days I am completely useless and forget to drink much at all. I have tried to drink water first thing in the morning while I am getting ready for work. This is something I haven’t really done before but I am definitely finding that I feel more awake when I do.
  3. My night routine is pretty good now. I have all my masks and moisturisers and serums and I am pretty good at following it most of the time. I think consistency is where I need to pick up a little.
  4. I’ve definitely been buying less books this month, which does feel good (I know… what?!) let’s see if this can continue.
  5. I think I am finally at a point this year where I can proactively save. So lets see how we go with hitting this goal.
  6. this has been hit and miss again. But overall I feel more relaxed.

Travel Guide: Osaka, Japan

So its been a while – as in a year – since I was in Japan but I wanted to post some photos from my trip there with some links to some of the things we did. This will most definitely be shorter than my Greece posts, mostly because I don’t remember everything we did or where we stayed etc.

So if you want to see some photos from Japan and some helpful links then keep on scrolling/reading.

Universal Studios



Osaka Castle

Osaka 5


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Travel Guide: Tokyo, Japan

My trip to Japan was over a year ago and I’ve had these posts sitting in drafts for ages. I know its probably not as helpful a year later, so I decided to post some pictures from some of the different places we visited in Japan last year.

Stick around and have a scroll, Each place will be linked if you’d like to find out more information. If you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! 🙂


Happy reading!




Tokyo Disney

Hedgehog Cafe

Takashita Street


Pokemon Mega Store

Exploring Tokyo


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August Goal Update

The time has come once away to see how my goals are fairing for 2018. I’m going to be honest, I’m on struggle street at the moment with most of my goals. I don’t know if it was the gloominess of August or if I’m just being a lazy bones. But with that in mind, lets get into the goals!

  1. Complete the A to Z reading Challenge. 
    I haven’t actually added any books yet. I read both ‘The Son of Neptune’ and ‘The Mark of Athena’ however I already have ‘S’ and ‘M’ books listed. So for this month I would have to say I failed at this goal. But I will be adding a ‘H’ book in September so YAY, for that.
  2. Post at least 3 times a week
    I am still crushing this one – If I don’t say so myself- I’ve been consistent with posting 3 times a week on Harper-Grae, and I’m starting to get better at posting daily on my Harper-Grae Instagram. Win!
  3.  Exercise 3 days a week. 
    I have definitely been better at this. I’ve definitely been able to reach 3 days per week, which is a win, but lately I have been aiming for 5 days a week, allowing for 2 rest days, usually Fridays and one other day. Still working on that!
  4. Read 30 books in 2018
    This has been a great goal to have, I’ve really been able to see my progress.
    Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.17.51 am
  5. Try a new recipe each week
    We’ve actually been so busy this month that we haven’t really had a chance to try any new recipes! This one is a fail for this month, but one that I am going to put a conscious effort into in September.
  6. Practice positivity and optimism.
    This has been a constant struggle through out 2018. Honestly, I haven’t wanted to be negative however a feel increasingly stressed out and anxious and it just becomes tremendously more difficult to stay in a positive frame of mind. I know excuses, I am going to put my best foot forward in September and have this as my main goal for the month! Fail for August though.
  7. Less Technology and more reading before bed. 
    Honestly I feel like this goal is pointless at this point in the year, I’ve failed to achieve any progress this year. I have the best intentions but I always turn the light off before I am ready to sleep so automatically gravitate to my phone. Lets see if I can make any progress, at all, in September. Fail.
  8. Focus on what I am putting in my body and work towards positively maintaining being Gluten and Dairy Free. 
    This is a new goal and its one that I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with. My main focus is the Gluten Free aspect, as that is what I have the strongest intolerance too. However I have at a few moments of weakness where I’ve ended up snacking on peanut M & M’s and ever single time I feel sick, but every single time I do it again.
    Lets hope for a more positive change in September.

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Greece Tavel Diary #6: Thira, Santorini

Santorini was hands down the most touristy place we visited, the island was full of tourists. We stayed in Thira which is the capital of Santorini and definitely a hot spot.

map of santorini

Personally I enjoyed Thira, but it was super crowded. I am not someone who manages well in crowded places so it wasn’t me favourite. We stayed and Kamares Apartments in Thira and it was me absolute favourite place we stayed. We had an amazing view of the Caldera, and fun fact I love volcanos so I was having an amazing time.

We mostly relaxed and stayed around Thira in Santorini, although there are so many places to go throughout the island, we decided to be less busy and just enjoy where we were. We wandered the streets and explored and got massages in our room, relaxed and enjoyed the view.

We did do one day trip out to Oia. A town not far from Thira, the local bus stop was super close to our accommodation so we walked down and hopped on the bus which cost us about €1.30 each pay, per person. Oia is just as stunning as Thira and is known for its amazing sunsets (although it doesn’t have a view of the volcano) If I hadn’t stayed in Thira I would of stayed in Oia.

Overall Santorini was amazing and its somewhere I’ll never forget going. Our whole trip was filled with incredible memories and just positive happy vibes.

– Useful Links – 

Thira, Santorini
Oia, Santorini 
Atlantis Books
Kamares Apartments

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Greece Travel Diary #3: Mainland Tour (Day 3)

Our 3rd day on the tour started again with an early wake up call. We were heading to Delphi and Kalambaka today. After the long drive yesterday I think we were all grateful to hear that we were only travelling a short distance for the morning.

Delphi was somewhere that was really looking forward to going. I knew all about its significance during the Classical period, having just finished ‘Mythos’ By Stephen Fry on the bus the day before.

It felt like our experience was enhanced thanks to the low clouds that gave it an eerie feeling, well deserved in my opinion considering that people travelled from all over Greece to experience the Oracle of Delphi and to worship in the temples dedicated to all the gods, but most prominently, Apollo.

We saw the belly button of the earth where the two eagles sent out my Zeus met, which is now a stunning and well polished stone. Honestly I couldn’t even fathom how they had built all they had up there considering there we no cars and we were kind of on a mountain.

after a some time to explore the site, we headed to the museum of Delphi to complete a walking tour with Dimitra were we were taken around to the key exhibits. We were even lucky enough to visit the Sphinx of Naxos and the charioteer of Delphi!

Once the guided tour was completed, we were able to walk around the museum on our own before heading back onto the bus. We had another long drive ahead of us as we drove from Delphi to Kalambaka. map

Kalambaka is the closest town to Meteora which was out last stop for the whole tour! We got into our hotel quiet late – 7:30pmish- and headed down for dinner before hitting the hay very very early!

This was also the day that we had a few changes in terms of our bus. After exploring Delphi we went back to the hotel where the people who were only completing the 3 day tour stayed on the original bus and everyone doing the 4 day tour – including us! – moved onto a new bus with people completing a 2 day tour of Delphi and Meteora. Now this kind of thing usually stresses me out a lot! I don’t want to end up in the wrong place or loose my suitcase. Thankfully everything was fantastically organised and we were able to navigate this tricky change over easily – thank goodness!

– Useful Links – 

Amalia Hotel Delphi
‘Mythos’ By Stephen Fry Review

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Greece Travel Diary #2: Mainland Tour (Day 2)

On the second day of our jam packed tour we rose early – around 6:30am – with a wake up call from reception. After packing up our suitcases and leaving them outside our doors to be loaded onto the bus we headed into a Buffet breakfast with the rest of the tour group – Which I feel like I should point out now were AMAZING and we met some really fantastic people- We headed out at about 7:30am to drive out to Olympia, our first stop of the day.

Straight up, these are the reasons I love Olympia
1. My fiancee’s dad’s side if from just outside Olympia
2. Its the site of the Ancient olympics (incredible)
3. there are some crazy old buildings there
4. Alexander the Great build himself a temple there with his father
5. there are remains of both a temple to Zeus and a temple to Hera ( I could not be loving this more)

The weather wasn’t fantastic, putting it nicely, when we went to Olympia and that did impact our experience, but hey what can you do? we were able to do a walking tour in the rain around the ruins – NOTE: even if you go in summer, pack a rain coat – seeing remains of the training stadium, the temples to Hera and Zeus and maybe the most incredible we were able to walk where the athletes would of walk thousands of years ago in the ancient olympic stadium.

When you go, it doesn’t look like much, the earth has reclaimed most of it, but you can really get a feel for what it would of been like.

When the rain got too heavy, and let me tell you, the heavens opened and it POURED. We headed to the Olympia museum where we were doing a walking tour with Dimitra. There were so many sculptures and statues from the Classical Period in Greece (a lot of the Greek Gods stuff) pretty much it filled the whole museum and it was AMAZING! (I am probably going to say that a lot)

We then boarded the bus and drove where quiet a while to reach our Amalia Hotel for the night in Delphi!

– Useful links – 

Delphi Amalia Hotel


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