32 Week Pregnancy Update

We are on the home stretch with bubs, which feels kind of crazy that we are less than 2 months out from meeting him! It feels like it is truly getting real! I figured at this point I would give a little update on what’s been going on in terms of being pregnant (if you aren’t interested in this baby and pregnancy this is definitely not the post for you)


We’ve got one! I’m not quite feeling large and in charge but I’m definitely feeling the extra weight that comes with growing a person! He is definitely at the point now where he is moving a lot, which is amazing to feel and I definitely find reassuring especially after a long day where I may not have necessarily felt him moving around too much. 

We have been lucky enough that my husband has been able to feel his movements too which has been great for him and definitely makes it a family experience.

How I’ve been feeling

It all really fluctuates. Some days I’ve got enough energy to get through the day others I’m exhausted by 10am. Even with all that I am feeling pretty good in all and really try to keep a positive mindset on the days I am feeling particularly tired.

I’ve even managed to keep up with exercising. Now I’m not an athlete by any means but I usually end up walking between 5-7 days a week which makes me feels equal parts fantastic and crazy tired, some days if I’m back late at work or I’ve had a particularly crazy day then I’ll usually take that day just to manage things around the house or take a relaxing shower instead of joining my husband walking Archie.

What i’ve been doing

I’ve been really struggling with balance if I’m honest. Balancing what needs to be done with what my body needs, whether that’s trying to get all the housework done at home and stay on top of it throughout the week or not taking time to rest or sleep in if that’s what I really need. This is probably contributing to being so tired however, working in education means that this is my last week before we are on School holidays! Which is why I want to get through this week as present as possible. 

We’ve also been preparing the house and our dog Archie for the arrival of bubs. This means completing what we’ve been calling ‘phase 1’ of our renovations as well as clearing out the house of anything that we don’t really need or just hadn’t gotten around to getting rid of. It’s definitely a time consuming task but much needed! 

We also completed a workshop with our hospital covering everything from labor to the most important things to know once we’ve had bub and bring him home. 

Overall, I’d say it’s been pretty busy! 


We are really getting to the tail end of things now where the appointments are more frequent. I’ve had an OB GYN appointment each fortnight at the moment which is a lot to schedule but also the best appointments because I get to see the baby! This week we are doing another measurement to see how his weight is tracking and to see if he is still sitting breech. 

We also have a midwife appointment next week which will be great to ask some questions about the hospital stay and labor.