The Perils of Lockdown

I am an Australian living in Melbourne, you may or may not know that that means I’ve spent the last 12 days in our latest lockdown. In the context of lockdowns thats not so bad, even with it being our fifth and bringing the state to a total of six months in lockdown. With all that time its fair to say that we’ve all had to figure out ways to stay entertained at home.

There have been a few activities that I have stuck to throughout but was especially dominant during this lockdown.

I played an intense amount of Animal Crossing, completing villager hunts and for the first time attempting to terraform. The little gang of Villagers that currently reside on Thasos are so cute!

Along with Animal Crossing I got deep into reading. Using my walks with my dog I completed the Audiobook for Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir as well as completing my most recent book club book ‘The Miadens’ by Alex Michaelides and moving on to read ‘The Deal’ by Elle Kennedy and ‘A Touch of Darkness’ by Scarlett St Clair

I found that the most important part of lockdown for me is to do things that bring me joy to keep a positive mental state, which is more easily said than done to be honest. Fingers crossed we can avoid another lockdown here and my thoughts and positive vibes are with anyone currently in lockdown.

Let me know what you are doing to keep yourself busy and reach out if you are finding it difficult, we are all in this together.

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