O.W.L.S 2020 Readathon TBR

I am so excited that the O.W.L.S are upon us. This is one of my all time favourite readathons, hosted by Gee from Book Roast on YouTube. The O.W.L.S have happened every April for the past 2 years with this being the 3rd year its run. It really couldn’t come at a better time either!

Gee has also created a careers guide which is linked to her announcement video each time and has this year added some more career options. Even with these awesome additional careers I still chose one that was in the original guide and that is…

This means that to pass my O.W.L.S I need to read 8 books, for each of the subject prompts which are as follows.

These are the books I’m picking up for each prompt.

Heart Rune: Read a book with a heart of the cover or in the title

I’ve decided to reread ‘Wild at Heart’ by K.A. Tucker for this prompt. I know that its one that I enjoy and even though I only recently read it for the first time, I cannot wait to get back into it!

Magical Qualities of Number 2: Balance/opposites: read something outside your favourite genre

For a book outside my favourite genre I decided to go with ‘Empress of a Thousand Skies’ by Rhoda Belleza, a science fiction. I don’t really have many genres I don’t like but I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and contemporaries lately.

Lumos Maxima: White Cover

I’m not really sure yet which book I want to read with a white cover yet so I’ve got three options to choose from ‘The Dream Thieves’ by Maggie Stiefvater, ‘Nevernight’ by Jay Kristoff and ‘The Dragon Republic’ by R.F. Kuang. I am leaning towards ‘The Dragon Republic’ since I recently completed ‘The Poppy War’ and I want to be up to date before the third book is released.

Grindylows: Book set at the sea/coast

After watching Emma at Drinking by my shelf, do a 24 hour readathon where she read all the Lemony Snicket, I knew I wanted to read them again since I realised that when I read them as they came out I never finished them. I got up to book 3 which I remember being set by the sea so I decided to save ‘The Wide Window’ for the O.W.L.S.

Mimbulus Mimbletonia: Title that starts with M

After narrowing it down from my three options, I decided to pick up ‘Maybe This Time’ by Kasie West for the prompt. I want something fun and light to throw into this TBR so a contemporary seems like the best option.

A book from the perspective of a muggle (Contemporary)

For the contemporary I wanted to mix it up a little bit and pick up ‘Heartstopper: Volume 3’ by Alice Oseman, a contemporary graphic novel. This is one that I am so excited to pick this one up!

Shrinking Solution: book under 150 pages

I actually found it really difficult to find a book that filled this prompt and after going through my graphic novel collection and found that ‘Thor: God of Thunder Reborn’ by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward fit the bill perfectly!

Animagus Lecture: Book/series that includes shape shifting

I don’t think I have any other books on my shelf that have shape shifter as a feature which works out perfectly because I am almost done with my Twilight reread, which means I can fill this prompt with ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer.

I am so happy that it’s O.W.L.S season again and I really cannot wait to get into all these wonderful stories. This readathon could not have come at a better time, so if you have the chance, join in, let me know if you will be participating and we can connect as a community and read some amazing stories together!

N.E.W.Ts readathon

I cannot believe that August is here and the N.E.W.Ts are upon us! I am so excited that Gee from Book Roast is hosting another year of the N.E.W.Ts and love all the things that she has created to make this readathon as immersive as possible (and I am living for it).

If you followed along with my participation in the O.W.L.S readathon you may remember that I passed:
* Potions
* Defence Against the Dark Arts
* Care of Magical Creatures
* Herbology
* Arithmancy
* History of Magic
* Charms
All in an endeavour to become a Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

This means that I can take any of these 7 subjects in my N.E.W.Ts

But what do I need to pass to achieve this goal?

Now this may be what’s needed and I appreciate the manageability of needing to complete 7 books to achieve my goals of becoming a Hogwarts professor, I as a typical Hufflepuff, want to achieve more.

For this reason I will be setting myself a somewhat more difficult goal.

So I really want to achieve Outstanding in all the subjects I decide to take. I also thought about what subjects you would need to be a good Care of Magical Creatures Professor and came to the conclusion that Care of Magical Creatures, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Charms and Potions would all be vital magical skills to have.

Therefore my goal is to read 15 books during the N.E.W.T.S. Here is what I am planning on reading…

To gain an Acceptable in Care of Magical Creatures the prompt is to ‘read a books starting with A’ for this I decided to pick up ‘Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel’ by Mariah Mardsen.
To gain an Exceeds Expectations the prompt is to ‘read a book under 300 pages’ for which I am going to pick up ‘Wings of Olympus’ By Kallie George.
Finally, to gain an Outstanding the prompt is to ‘read a book with a bird on the cover’ and I went full Harry Potter with this and chose ‘Crown of Feathers’ By Nicki Pau-Preto, which has a phoenix on the cover.

For Defence Against the Dark Arts, to gain an Acceptable the prompt is to ‘read a book that is black under the dust jacket’, I found this prompt more difficult to find a book for however I finally succeeded and found ‘It Wasn’t Me’ By Dana Alison Levy.
To gain an Exceeds Expectations the prompt is to ‘read the first book that comes to mind’ however, when I think books my brain just repeats the word books ( i don’t get it) so I got my Fiance, George to pull a book title out of a jar I have on my bookshelf. For this he grabbed ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ By John Tiffany and Jack Thorn.
To gain an Outstanding the prompt is to ‘read a book set in England/with an English Author’ for this I went with ‘Heartstopper: Volume 2’ By Alice Oseman.

To gain an Acceptable in Herbology the prompt is to ‘listen to an audiobook’ for which I am going to use as an opportunity to listen to ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ By Taylor Jenkins Reid, for a second time.
To gain an Exceeds Expectations the prompt asks for ‘a book between 350-390 pages’ I decided not to go for something too hefty and went with ‘The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic’ By Cressida Cowell.
To gain an Outstanding the prompt is to read ‘a book with a flower on the cover’ for this I went with ‘Live Green’ By Jen Chillingsworth.

For Charms the prompt to gain an Acceptable the prompt is to ‘read a book with a gorgeous cover’ for this I chose to read ‘Warrior of the Wild’ By Tricia Levenseller
To gain an Exceeds Expectations the prompt asks ‘read a comic or graphic novel’ for which I chose ‘Ms. Marvel: No Normal’ By G. Willow Wilson & Adrien Alphona.
To gain an Outstanding the prompt asks to ‘read a paperback’ for this I am going to read ‘Maybe in Another Life’ By Taylor Jenkins Reid.

The final subject I will be taking is Potions. To gain an Acceptable in potions the prompt asks readers to choose a book ‘that is a friends favourites’ I decided to take Gee’s advice and watched a couple of my favourite BookTuber’s to try and find a favourite that I already own. For this I went with a favourite of Hailey in Bookland’s ‘The Raven Boys’ By Maggie Stiefvater.
To gain an Exceeds Expectations the prompt is to choose a ‘book with your Hogwarts house colour’ being in Hufflepuff I chose a book with yellow on the cover, ‘The Field Guide to the North American Teenager’ by Ben Philippe was perfect for this since the entire hardcover ovf the book is yellow!
To gain an Outstanding the prompt is to read a ‘book that starts with a prologue’. After searching my bookshelves I came across ‘The Library of Fates’ By Aditi Khorana.

…. and that’s it. Just a casual 15 books that I plan to read in one month. Wish me luck because I am certainly going to need it.

O.W.L.S Read-a-thon

Here we are again. Staring down the beginning of another Harry Potter themed read-a-thon hosted by Gee at Book Roast.

This month I will be partaking in the O.W.L.S exam read-a-thon where each subject is a different reading prompt and by reading a book that fits the prompt you pass the exam and then partake in that subject in the August N.E.W.T read-a-thon, but if you don’t read the book for the subject then come August you can’t take that subject in your N.E.W.T’s… Make sense?

Gee has really put an incredible amount of time and effort into this read-a-thon, even creating a Wizarding Career’s guide to help you decide what subjects you would need to complete to achieve the wizarding goal of your dreams and I absolutely love it.

This year I have decided to go all out and I am aiming to become a Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

So (as you can see) to become a Hogwarts Professor I need to complete 7 O.W.L.S which must include the subject I want to teach, so for me it will be Care of Magical Creatures as well as Defence Against the Dark Arts. With that I have decided to complete the following:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Arithmancy
  • History of Magic
  • Muggle Studies

For Potions the prompt is to read a sequel. For this one I chose to read ‘Exile’ By Shannon Messenger. This is the second book in the Keeper of Lost Cities series.

I chose potions as a topic, because as a Care of Magical Creatures professor I feel as though being able to brew healing potions and antidotes would be important.

For Defence Against the Dark Arts the prompt was to choose a book beginning with ‘R’. For this I’ve chosen ‘Red Queen’ By Victoria Aveyard.

Defence Against the Dark Arts is a required subject for a professor at Hogwarts, which again I think is very important for any witch or wizard to learn.

For Care of Magical Creatures we are required to read a book with a land animal on the cover. For this one I have chosen ‘Outcast’ by Taran Matharu. This is the prequel to ‘Novice’ the first book in the Summoner Series.

Obviously If I want to be a Care of Magical Creatures then I would need to complete the Care of Magical Creatures O.W.L

Herbology is the next of the seven subjects I hope to complete during the O.W.L.S for Herbology the prompt was to read a book with a plant on the cover. For this I chose the graphic novel ‘Estranged’ by Ethan M. Aldridge.

I think Herbology is another important subject to study when planning to be a Care of Magical Creatures professor it is important to be around magical plants as well.

For Arithmancy the prompt for the exam is to read a book with more than two authors. For this I ended up choosing ‘Skyward: My Low G Life.’ By Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett & Antonio Faela.

I chose Arithmancy for more of a fun topic. It was one that I always liked the sound of so I figured, why not!

I also chose History of Magic as another elective. For this we needed to read a book that was published 10 or more years ago. I chose ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ By Cressida Cowell, which was published in 2003.

History of Magic feels like an important subject for everyone, especially when working with magical creatures. It is important to know the history behind the discovery of magical creatures as well as the laws that have been put in place around them and their protection.

For the Muggle Studies O.W.L the prompt is to read a contemporary. I have chosen to read ‘The Geography of Lost Things’ By Jessica Brody.

Muggle Studies is usually an easy exam, however my reason for choosing it is more to understand muggles, especially when I might be teaching muggle born witches and wizards and may need to interact with muggles when it comes to caring for or protecting a magical creature.

So obviously I’ve chosen books for all of the subjects in case – by some miracle – I can read all the books I need too (which is more than I normally read in a single month). Why wouldn’t I choose a book for the entire syllabus to read?

For Ancient Runes the prompt is to read a retelling. For this I have chosen to read ‘Ash’ By Melinda Lo. This is a retelling of Cinderella.

For Charms the prompt is to read an adult work. I have chosen ‘The Greatest Love Story Ever Told’ By Megan Mallully and Nick Offerman. This is one I’ve been wanting to read for the longest time.

The two above subjects are ones that work into my back up career’s in case I am unable to complete all of the seven books for the Care of Magical Creatures Professor career. I will be evaluating my progress half way through the month and decide whether I need to change my career path.

If I manage to read all seven books for my Care of Magical Creatures Professor position as well at the two other back up subjects I have chosen books for the two remaining subjects that are offered in O.W.L.S.

For Astronomy the prompt was to choose a book with ‘Star’ in the title, so for Astronomy I have chosen to read ‘Game of Stars’ By Sayantani DasGupta.

The last subject available to study in the O.W.L.S is Divination. For this subject the prompt is to read a book that is set in the future. I had to look for a while before I found a book that would be appropriate and that book is ‘Nyxia’ by Scott Reintgen.

I have officially started the HUGE undertaking and am ready for the challenge. Let the reading begin…

Are you participating in the O.W.L.S Read-a-thon?

Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon

Very excitingly the Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon is my first ever read-a-thon. I’ve been wanting to do one forever but with work and life in general I haven’t been able to participate in any. 

Fantastically this read-a-thon starts on 17th December and ends on the 26th December which means I’M ON HOLIDAYS! 

The read-a-thon goes like this: 

Before I jump into the prompts and what books I’m going to choose for each of them thank you to Gee at Book Roast for hosting this Read-a-thon! 

All participants start at the top and complete ‘Finish your coursework’. The prompt for this one is to finish your current read… Now I haven’t chosen a book for this one because I don’t know what I’ll be reading on December 17th so this one will depend on where I’m up to in my reading. 

Next participants can choose to ‘Help Hagrid Decorate the trees’ which  prompts reader to choose a book with gold details; or readers can ‘have a snowball fight with the Weasley twins’ where readers choose a book they think will be humorous. For this section I am going to choose to ‘help Hagrid Decorate the Trees’ and the book I’ll be reading is ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo 

Participants meet up  again when they ‘visit the Three Broomsticks for mulled pixie wine’ where readers will choose a read that will take a day/ an evening to read. For this one I am going to choose ‘50 Ways to Yay’ by Alexi panos 

Now we get to the point where readers can divert into completely different areas! There are three options for this part of the read-a-thon. First you can choose to ‘exchange presents at your house common roomwhere readers choose a book that features or is about friendship. The second option here is to ‘sneak into the kitchen to gift Dobby odd socks’ where readers choose a book with an Item of clothing on the cover. The final option in this Trio is ‘attend the Yule Ball’ where readers choose a book you’ve been preparing yourself for. For this section I am going to choose ‘attend the Yule Ball’ and I am going to read ‘Throne of Glass’ By Sarah J. Mass

From here readers only have two options either they can ‘use invisibility cloak to sneak into the restricted section‘ where readers choose a banned book; Or I can ‘bring a festive treat to Hedwig in the Owlery’ where we choose a book with an animal on the cover/ in the title/ in the series name. For this one I am going to choose to ‘Sneak into the Restricted Section’  and read the book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ By J.K. Rowling

Finally we have made it to ‘attend the Christmas feast’ for this one our prompt is to watch a Harry Potter movie, which is optional BUT I will definitely be watching one and if its up to my fiancee it will be ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Part 1 and 2.

The other options that I won’t be doing but may be helpful to know about are ‘fly around the snowy Hogwarts grounds‘ where readers choose a book with a building on the cover; Or ‘put on your knitted sweater from Mollywhere readers choose a book with present parents of a focus on family

Are you going to be participating in the read-a-thon? let me know what prompts you choose!