Review: ‘Even the Darkest Stars’ By Heather Fawcett


‘Even the Darkest Stars’
By Heather Fawcett
Book #1 in the Even the Darkest Stars Series

Publisher: Blazer and Bray
Publish Date: 2017
Pages: 427
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Fantasy
Purchase Locations: Amazon and Kindle Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks QBD

“I also knew that most stories were like the shadows painted by the late afternoon sun: deceptive and exaggerated. I wasn’t going to be afraid of stories” – Kamzin


Kamzin has always dreamed of becoming one of the Emperor’s royal explorers, the elite climbers tasked with mapping the wintry, mountainous Empire and spying on its enemies. She knows she could be the best in the world, if only someone would give her a chance.
But everything changes when the mysterious and eccentric River Shara, the greatest explorer ever known, arrives in her village and demands to hire Kamzin—not her older sister Lusha, as everyone had expected—for his next expedition. This is Kamzin’s chance to prove herself—even though River’s mission to retrieve a rare talisman for the emperor means climbing Raksha, the tallest and deadliest mountain in the Aryas. Then Lusha sets off on her own mission to Raksha with a rival explorer who is determined to best River, and Kamzin must decide what’s most important to her: protecting her sister from the countless perils of the climb or beating her to the summit.
The challenges of climbing Raksha are unlike anything Kamzin expected—or prepared for—with avalanches, ice chasms, ghosts, and even worse at every turn. And as dark secrets are revealed, Kamzin must unravel the truth of their mission and of her companions—while surviving the deadliest climb she has ever faced.


I’ll be honest, I definitely found this book a touch slow at the beginning. for the first 50 pages or so I struggled to get into the story and commit to wanting to know what happened to the characters. Once I passed about the 50 page mark though, I was in.

There are some names that are difficult to decipher, which could 100% be something that’s totally on me.

I ended up really loving the characters and really felt that both Lusha and Kamzin are great determined female characters, which I absolutely love.

A lot of this book is traveling, however it’s kind of the main point of the story so is to be expected.  There was great description of the different locations that our expedition of characters passed through and there were moments where I really felt like I was there.

There is a great glimpses into the culture of the people within the book and a solid structure to the world we are being introduced to, everything makes sense in this world with no outlandish areas that make you question the fluidity of the world.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book and am really looking forward to picking up the sequel in a few weeks time!


Plot: 7/10
Ease of reading: 5.5/10
Character Development: 7/10
World Building: 9/10
Quality of Writing: 7.5/10
Stars:  4/5

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November TBR

cropped-headerFirst of all WHAT IT’S NOVEMBER ALREADY!.. Ok, glad I got that out of my system. Down to what you actually came here for (which I’m guessing isn’t a freak out about how quickly 2018 is passing).

Books. Books. Books.

What am I going to read in November? As I am sitting here writing this I am beyond torn. Do I finally start the Throne of Glass series, seeing as I will not have the completed series (yay!) or do I start Renegades so I can actually read a sequel when its released?

So many options, so hard to choose! BUT I think this will be my plan…

First I will read ‘Wundersmith’ By Jessica Townsend, the very highly anticipated sequel to ‘Nevermoor’, because yes I preordered it – I know, how organised am I?! – and I really want to read it before my kiddos at school because you know they will accidentally spoil something in their excitement to share. Also it should be arriving on November 1st, so perfect timing.


After I’ve completed ‘Wundersmith’ By Jessica Townsend, I think I will finally read ‘Renegades’ By Marissa Myer so I can hopefully be ready to read ‘Archenemies’ By Marissa Myer (which I also preordered) when it arrives on the 15th.

IF I finished both of those and I still have some November to spare I think I will jump into’All the Wandering Light’ By Heather Fawcett the sequel to ‘Even the Darkest Stars’ which I ended up reading in October. This sequel comes out on November 15th.


While all this is going on I also want to listen to ‘Obsidio’ by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff on Audible.


Busy! To say this is an ambitious TBR is an understatement I think, but I like a challenge.


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what books are you planning on reading in November?