Moving From a Physical to a digital planner

One of the many hobbies I have picked up over the years is bullet journaling. An important note about my hobbies is that I go hard into them, I try to get all the things I need to really enjoy and immerse myself when I am spending my time engrossed in a new activity. That being said I recently made the decision to move from physical journaling to journaling digitally. 

I began my research by looking at whether digital planning was ‘for me’. I love my bullet journal and sitting down to take the time to create different spreads. I mostly wanted to make the move to give myself a more portable option for my creative outlet as well as being able to keep all my notes, lists, spreads and memories in one easily accessible place. 

Recommendation: Research is Key! Look on YouTube and Pinterest for some great accounts 

So how did I end up getting started with digital bullet journalling/planning? The first step was research! I wanted to find the best tools for the job that were also within a reasonable budget. I first tried using my husband’s Surface tablet/PC thing with the stylus, because free, but it wasn’t as responsive as I was hoping. This led me down the rabbit hole of YouTube. Where I looked at what products the digital planner community were using, the results were that most planners used iPads and apple Pencils. 

As we all know Apple products do not come cheap, so my second step was to look into how I could go about this in the most affordable way possible. This led me to look into both second hand and new options. Making sure you research which iPads work with the Apple Pencil. I found the best list here 

Recommendation: Look at both New and Second Hand options to find what best fits your budget

I ended up going with the first generation Apple Pencil and the Ipad (8th Generation) they are the most affordable options for me at the moment (I live in Australia for context)

8th Generation iPad

In Australia can be found at Apple, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks. I purchased mine from Officeworks. Sometimes you can find ones that are a bit cheaper as they have been returned but are brand new.

1st Generation Apple Pencil

Make sure that which ever iPad and pencil you choose are compatible with each other.

After finding the products I wanted to use for this digital planning journey, I began research into content creators and just how spreads and journals worked when it comes to the digital platform. The creators I have found most useful are: 

They are the most informative on all things that relate to not only digital planning but using technology in a productive and easy way in your day to day life.

What I am currently using

at the moment I am using a digital planner which I purchased from K Digital Studios Website. As I am still learning and evolving my style I wanted to try a preexisting planner with all the bells and whistles to see what aspects I use on a daily basis.

My future goal is to create my own hyperlinked planner that has contains exactly the pages that I need.


Overall I have found the move to digital planning relatively easy. There are definite pros and cons to digital vs physical but for this season of life I think that digital planning fits my needs slightly more.

*All materials on the same place
*access to lots of different planner templates, less of a commitment to try them out
* ability to create a custom planner that suits exactly what you need
*able to take all my planning and motes with me wherever I go
*easy to transfer dates, appointments etc to calendar
*can be more expensive than physical planning
* need to keep devices charged to use them.

If you are thinking of starting a digital planner I recommend doing as much research as you can. I found it really helpful to look into what devices are most commonly used and the most accessible. It is also great to see how other people use and set out there planners to see if it is something that’s the right fit for you.

March Bullet Journal Spreads

March is here and even though I wanted to continue on with my full on mountain theme that I’ve been sticking to, I decided to make the cover page and the overall feel just a touch more Autumn vibes. This means that I incorporated a lot more yellow tones as the key feature to the spreads this month.

As you can see in the spreads I used yellow as the primary colour and decided to use some floral tape that matched to add to the ascetic over the free leafy tape I’ve been predominately using.

I also minimised my pages this month and went for my calendar page, tracking page, TBR page and A reading log.

I am really happy with how this months theme turned out!

February Bullet Journal Spreads

We are back with another Bullet Journal Spread. I kept things pretty consistent from January as I found that I used them and I liked all of them.

I went with another nature kind of theme from mountains to a cabin (that is definitely located in the mountains) I added a touch of pink for Valentines day but didn’t want to go for an entirely pink theme.

For the calendar spread I wanted to go for seperated squares with some shadowing and start from the first day of the month and end on the last instead of using up space with additional squares.

One of my favourite and what I find to be the most useful spreads are my trackers.

I track my sleep, mood and stress up the top to allow comprison between each month.

I then track my (loose) internittent fasting and on the other page I track things that I am eating and doing i.e. exercise.

the next pages are my instagram post schedule and my To Be Read page (lets please ignore the ink splodge – I am so annoyed)

My last double pages are my reading tracker which this month is Scamp themed and my reading log. On the last page I plan to use as a monthly review.

My new addition this month is a journal page. January was a bit of a rough month and I’ve found myself reflecting.

I wanted to have a space to write these reflections so that I can look back on them in the future.

BuJo Sticker Haul

with getting more into the whole ‘Bullet Journal’ thing comes a need to use different mediums within it. I began small by picking up different Tombow brush pens – this can definitely not be considered small anymore considering how much it has grown – in 2020 I decided I wanted to try using some stickers within my journal just to add some different textures and a bit of excitement.

2020 ‘Bullet’ Journal Set Up & January Spread

After finding some success in tracking my life using a bullet journal in 2019 I decided to continue it into 2020.

With the new year, I decided to get a dotted bullet journal. I am so glad I made the decision because I definitely find it easier then using the gridded notebook I used last year. I ended up picking up an Archer & Olive notebook after hearing great things about them.

The Spreads

I wanted to keep my title page super simple this year. I didn’t want to use to much colour or crazy designs just in case I got bored of them throughout the year.

After my title page I wanted to have a section that lists the goals I have for 2020.

I just wanted to keep this one simple too with the goals listed, some broken down into a couple of steps to help achieve these goals.

2020 at a glace was definitely one of the pages that took the longest to set up. I do wish that I’d left a little space to write some events down, however I think it will work just fine.

I really want to focus on some more positive aspects of each week, especially since when things get busy at work I tend to get overwhelmed.

I am really happy with this spread, again its simple with a little splash of colour.

This page is one of my absolute favourites. I’m really happy with the simplicity and the green.

Instead of doing a bookshelf to colour in as I read a book however when I tried that in 2018 I would either forget or confuse myself. I definitely find it easier to fill in the title and author.

A space to write down ideas and any thoughts I have.

Went for a different colour with this one, you know just to spice it up.

January Spread

I really wanted to go for a mountain theme because I absolutely love mountains and the green of forests.

I plan to keep every month on the minimal side.

Every month I plan to put some notes in each day of what I end up doing – if its anything interesting.

This is a spread that I am super excited for! I got the idea from Elsa Rhae on YouTube.

I am hoping that its a good way to see how tracking what I put into my body might correlate with my mood, stress and sleep.

I have also started tracking my intermittent fasting. I’m not super strict with this and I really take every day as it comes but I think it will again be interesting to see if there is any kind of correlation.

My goal with my instagram is to post a photo each day I post a blog post, usually going along with what I’ve written about that day.

I was initially really goodd with doing this but found i started getting muddled and posting the wrong images on the wrong days so I thought if I wrote it all down here I could check back before posting.

My second last spread for 2020 is my TBR spread. I was – if you can’t tell – going for a bit of a mountain theme in everything so set it up similarly to last year but with a mountain related drawing.

I absolutely love how this spread turned out.

My last spread for January is my reading Log and reading tracker. Here I will list each book I’ve read as I read them as well as tracking what days I complete what type of reading.

Overall I am really happy with how everything for the beginning of 2020 has turned out in this journal, I’m looking forward to exploring more ideas in February.

2019 ‘Bullet’ Journal Flip Through

‘Bullet’ Journaling is something that I only began doing in the latter part of 2019. I was struggling to find a way to track the things I wanted to track -pretty much all reading related – as well as a place to have my thoughts complied.

The Journal I used in 2019 was one that I purchased in Japan a couple of years ago.

I couldn’t think of the best way to do this because if I explained all the spreads then this would be a hell of a long post so I’m going to just touch on a few key pages…

I found these little ‘Book Read’ pages really helpful for each month. Just a quick spot to put down when I completed a book and the rating I gave them.

The challenge was I always forgot to check back here when I posted my review and my rating probably changed.

I LOVED doing my TBR this way!

Its so fun, I absolutely love being able to go over the lines with a different colour once I’ve completed the book.

I continued this in 2019 and have kicked off 2020 doing the same thing.

This was the spread I created for the Triwizard Tournament Readathon. I might of gone a little over the top but I’m really happy with how it all turned out.

Overall, I learnt a lot about journalling during 2019 and I cannot wait to continue to try some new things in 2020!

October Bullet Journal

The band wagon arrived and I jumped straight on! I feel like its super common now for people that read a lot to also have a bullet journal for their reading. I’ve decided that I would also like to be one of those people and have just started my own bullet journal!

Here are the pages I’ve created for October. First up, what will be my TBR page for the month.

I went for a fall pumpkin theme even though here in Australia its Spring.

My next two pages are trackers to track how many days I go without buying a book or ordering Uber Eats, because I have a problem!

My next page is to list and rate the books I read throughout October.

My final tracker for the month is to track what type of reading I do each day weather that be physical reading, listening to an Audiobook or both.

So I didn’t go to crazy with the amount of pages and trackers I created for this month just to make it realistic in terms of making sure I feel things out every day as well as testing out what pages work for me!

What pages are your must haves for your bullet journal?

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