Atlantis Book Store, Oia, Santorini

I stumbled upon this bookstore in a facebook video listing the top 6 bookstores to visit around the world. Perfectly I saw it before I went to Greece, but after we’d already planned to go to Santorini. So on our second day in Santorini, off we went.

For we personally we were staying in Thira, so we jumped on the public bus which in near the centre of town and only costs €1.30. You can also drive if you hire a car, quad bike or a scooter or hike which I believe takes about 4 hours. I did consider hiking there BUT it had only been a few days since we’d completed the Somaria Gorge hike (which is 16km of rocky terrain) so I couldn’t convince George to hike there, although I’ve heard its incredible with amazing scenery.

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After a bus ride that took about 30-40 minutes, we walked around Oia with an idea of where the bookshop was but also looking around the other stores. Oia is such a beautiful town. There are amazing views of the Caldera – incredible at sunset – and everything is open quiet late, for example the bookstore was open until 12am!

The store front is BEAUTIFUL. Classic Santorini colours with a dash oh book lover. The vibrant yellow and blue really fits in with the vibe of Oia, although the addition of the books painted on the wall as well as books displayed at street level really draw any bibliophile in.

Inside is no exception. After walking down the stairs it feels as though you are entering a bookshop in the world of Harry Potter. There are sections for different languages including English, Spanish and Greek. Books are stacked to the ceiling in some places and there is even a ‘Philosophy Tower’. Honestly I was in heaven!

The store has a wide variety as well as a Young adult section, which I was really happy about but did not expect. They really are able use the small space they have well, and give most readers something they will enjoy.

Throughout the store we spotted first editions left, right and centre! Including first editions such as The Game of Thrones series, Peter Pan, To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye to name a few.

Overall it was an amazing bookstore to visit. I could of spent hours upon hours wandering the shelves. This is a bookstore I would recommend to anyone. From someone who isn’t an avid reader – my fiancee loved seeing all the first editions even though he doesn’t read as much as I do – to someone who loves books and reading.

One thing to note, would be to go early in the day. We got there just after opening – in July that was 10am –  and it was perfect, there were a few people but it wasn’t crowded. When we left – around 11:30am – it had started to fill out a little bit.

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Are there any bookstores you would recommend visiting? I would love to hear your bookstore suggestions in the comments!

Melbourne Book Tour

I did a post a few months ago about going on a book tour in Melbourne during the April school holidays. They are finally here and I ended up completing the tour with one of my friends on Monday.

We visited 6 different book stores in Melbourne! It was so much fun. We discovered a Rare books store along the way and plan on researching more bookstores so that we can do this again.

We started out meeting at 10am at Flinders Street station in Melbourne, deciding to caffeinate (or in my case Decaffeinate) before we started out book tour. This gave us a chance to go over the plan and just to chill.

IMG_1207We then headed to DYMOCKS in the Collins street (Lower Ground Floor, 234 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000). It is HUGE, honestly I don’t think I’ve been to a bookstore since ‘Borders’ closed that has such a selection. I was already in heaven. There was an incredible selection from so many different categories. We ended up staying there for WAY longer that we anticipated and were walking around looking at the the different sections. I definitely sat myself in the YA section and was having the greatest time!

NOTE: The store is going to be closed for renovations from the 15th of April until 1st July 2018. The store will be open but stock will be moving around.

Once the refurbishment is done I am definitely going to go back!

img_1208While we were walking to our second store we stumbled Upon a Rare book store, called KAY CRADDOCK ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLER located on Collins Street (156 Collins St). Obviously this was one where we were just browsing with no intention to buy – Books were going for upwards of $2,000 – but it was so interesting to look at these books from all over the world and all different time periods.

They had such a good range and it was just an incredible experience.


We stopped for Lunch along the way, right opposite our next store.

img_1214THE PAPERBACK BOOKSTORE. This store is located at 60 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000. I loved the vibe at this shop. It is small, but it it stacked from the ground to the roof with books. It gave me Harry Potter vibes! For a small space they had an amazing selection. This will definitely be a store that I head back to on our next tour!




We headed to EMBIGGEN BOOKS  next at 197-203 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000. This one was a great little bookstore. The range was quite limited but it was a quaint shop with some lovely displays. It also has a coffee cart inside the store so its perfect to grab a coffee and have a browse. It was definitely a great experience but I think I would head back.


Our first stop a little further out of the City was READINGS at 309 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053. I was so HAPPY we found this place. I have been to a Readings before, but this Readings is HUGE. There is even a seperate store next door called ‘READINGS KIDS’ I was loving it. We wondered around both stores and there were so many books I wanted to get, this is another one that we will be returning too.

Before we headed to the last bookstore if the day we stopped at PIDAPIPO GELATERIA for a gelato, perfectly located just up from Readings. I may be lactose and Gluten intolerant but it was worth the stomach ache!

Our last stop for the day was THE LEAF BOOKSHOP located at 3/283 High St, Ashburton VIC 3147. This was our first store more in the suburbs and the last we could make it to on this tour. I LOVED this one. It was closer to where I live, right near a train line and has an AMAZING selection. Set over two stories there was so much to explore. This is one we will end up visiting again for sure.


Overall it was an amazing day and my favourite bookish adventure to date. I have plans to complete another book tour in the September holidays. I am also hoping to visit some bookstores in GREECE during my trip.

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What are some bookstores you would recommend visiting?