So I have been wanting to get a book subscription box for a while and I was really excited when I saw this one shipped from Australia! I love that the shipping doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

I ended up ordering the March box whose theme was:

Diverse Fantasy Part 2


It came with so many goodies, I was so excited to unbox everything… I really love happy mail.

This box was so fun and contained some lovely items:

  • A NOVEL SCENTS & CO candle scented in ‘A new dawn, a new desert’ It smells so good and looks so cute! I’m torn between burning it and not burning it.
  • A MAGNUS BANE scented soap from STORY SCENTSATIONS. This is one I’ll definitely use as a travel soap!
  • An Inej (Six of Crows) bookmark from DREAMY & CO, who I already love and have bookmarks from so I was super excited that this was included in the box.
  • A beautiful necklace from
  • A ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ bookmark
  • Last but not least… OUR BOOK ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ By Tomi Adeyemi

I loved this box! It came with some beautiful items AND because it ships from Australia and I live in Australia the shipping was astronomical! This is a subscription I would want to get again.

If you are interested in purchasing a YA Chronicles box or learning more about them their page can be found here. (no affiliation, just a fan!)

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What are your thoughts on Book Boxes?


Unboxing: April OWL CRATE

In April I got my first ever Owl Crate! I was super excited, I’ve watched so many unboxings via both Instagram and YouTube. I finally bit the bullet and ordered one. To be straight up, I decided to order both the Owl Crate and Owl Crate Jr. after noticing the theme for the Owl Crate Jr.

The theme for this months Owl Crate was

Shadows & Secrets

I honestly could not guess what the book was going to be from the theme – I’m probably just awful and guessing – and I really enjoyed the box.

This month it contained so many goodies that I was excited about.

owl box 2

So the first and most obvious surprise in the box was the QUOTE PILLOW CASE with a quote from

It also contained a coffee blend from BONES COFFEE. It noted that the coffee would have a dark chocolate and sea salt flavour. Now I love coffee BUT I no longer am able to drink caffienated coffee so I passed this on to a friend to try.

We also got some HARRY POTTER QUOTE PENCILS. I love these and am torn between wanting to use them because they are awesome and wanting to preserve them because I love them so much.

There was an exclusive excerpt from ‘Legendary‘ the sequel to ‘Caraval’. I am yet to read ‘Caraval’ BUT I am going to read the excerpt and see what my thoughts are and decide weather I want to start the series or not.

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What are your thoughts on the April Owl Crate?

Unboxing: ‘A Court of Frost and Starlight’ YA Chronicles Box

For the release of ‘A Court of Frost and Starlight’ YA Chronicles have created a special edition box! When I placed my pre-order I was able to choose from receiving the paperback and some goodies, the hardcover and some goodies or both covers and some goodies.

Seeing as I already own the rest of the series in hardcover I decided to order the hardcover with the goodies!

Here’s what was inside…

ACOFAS box 4

Straight up the box was stunning, everything looked gorgeous the second I opened it.

on top was the spoiler card with the amazing ACOFAS artwork on it. Honestly I love it and definitely plan on keeping it. we also got a bookmark with the same artwork on it.

there was a gorgeous coaster with Feyre on it. This stunning design was created by Morganaoanagrom on Tumblr

we also got a ‘Throne of Glass’ Pencil case, which I will be using for my calligraphy pens.

There were two cards with artwork on them, one with a short comic strip featuring Rhysand and Feyre and another with Rhysand and Feyre. They are totally gorgeous and I am definitely going to frame them at some point, both are drawn by Arz28 on instagram

We also got a candle scented ‘winter Solstice’ and created by Faerietales Candles its scented with toffee apple, spice and peppermint. There is also an amazing night court necklace from Sonnet and Fable which I am 100% in love with.

Also included was the funniest pin designed by Knightmares and daydreams

I am totally in love with everything in this box ESPECIALLY the book!

I can’t wait to dive into it, but I am so glad I ordered this box and get to enjoy ACOFAS along with some amazing goodies!

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are you ACOTAR fan?