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April is here and with it a global pandemic and a ton of time to read. Along with the O.W.L.S I am planning to complete the April Year-a-thon reading challenge as well as reading a couple of additional books.

as well as one of the following books…

Overall, I am hoping that I can get all 10 of these books read as well as finally finishing ‘The Secret History’ Which I have been reading for a couple of months already!

What are you most looking forward to reading this month?

O.W.L.S Read-a-thon

Here we are again. Staring down the beginning of another Harry Potter themed read-a-thon hosted by Gee at Book Roast.

This month I will be partaking in the O.W.L.S exam read-a-thon where each subject is a different reading prompt and by reading a book that fits the prompt you pass the exam and then partake in that subject in the August N.E.W.T read-a-thon, but if you don’t read the book for the subject then come August you can’t take that subject in your N.E.W.T’s… Make sense?

Gee has really put an incredible amount of time and effort into this read-a-thon, even creating a Wizarding Career’s guide to help you decide what subjects you would need to complete to achieve the wizarding goal of your dreams and I absolutely love it.

This year I have decided to go all out and I am aiming to become a Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

So (as you can see) to become a Hogwarts Professor I need to complete 7 O.W.L.S which must include the subject I want to teach, so for me it will be Care of Magical Creatures as well as Defence Against the Dark Arts. With that I have decided to complete the following:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Arithmancy
  • History of Magic
  • Muggle Studies

For Potions the prompt is to read a sequel. For this one I chose to read ‘Exile’ By Shannon Messenger. This is the second book in the Keeper of Lost Cities series.

I chose potions as a topic, because as a Care of Magical Creatures professor I feel as though being able to brew healing potions and antidotes would be important.

For Defence Against the Dark Arts the prompt was to choose a book beginning with ‘R’. For this I’ve chosen ‘Red Queen’ By Victoria Aveyard.

Defence Against the Dark Arts is a required subject for a professor at Hogwarts, which again I think is very important for any witch or wizard to learn.

For Care of Magical Creatures we are required to read a book with a land animal on the cover. For this one I have chosen ‘Outcast’ by Taran Matharu. This is the prequel to ‘Novice’ the first book in the Summoner Series.

Obviously If I want to be a Care of Magical Creatures then I would need to complete the Care of Magical Creatures O.W.L

Herbology is the next of the seven subjects I hope to complete during the O.W.L.S for Herbology the prompt was to read a book with a plant on the cover. For this I chose the graphic novel ‘Estranged’ by Ethan M. Aldridge.

I think Herbology is another important subject to study when planning to be a Care of Magical Creatures professor it is important to be around magical plants as well.

For Arithmancy the prompt for the exam is to read a book with more than two authors. For this I ended up choosing ‘Skyward: My Low G Life.’ By Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett & Antonio Faela.

I chose Arithmancy for more of a fun topic. It was one that I always liked the sound of so I figured, why not!

I also chose History of Magic as another elective. For this we needed to read a book that was published 10 or more years ago. I chose ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ By Cressida Cowell, which was published in 2003.

History of Magic feels like an important subject for everyone, especially when working with magical creatures. It is important to know the history behind the discovery of magical creatures as well as the laws that have been put in place around them and their protection.

For the Muggle Studies O.W.L the prompt is to read a contemporary. I have chosen to read ‘The Geography of Lost Things’ By Jessica Brody.

Muggle Studies is usually an easy exam, however my reason for choosing it is more to understand muggles, especially when I might be teaching muggle born witches and wizards and may need to interact with muggles when it comes to caring for or protecting a magical creature.

So obviously I’ve chosen books for all of the subjects in case – by some miracle – I can read all the books I need too (which is more than I normally read in a single month). Why wouldn’t I choose a book for the entire syllabus to read?

For Ancient Runes the prompt is to read a retelling. For this I have chosen to read ‘Ash’ By Melinda Lo. This is a retelling of Cinderella.

For Charms the prompt is to read an adult work. I have chosen ‘The Greatest Love Story Ever Told’ By Megan Mallully and Nick Offerman. This is one I’ve been wanting to read for the longest time.

The two above subjects are ones that work into my back up career’s in case I am unable to complete all of the seven books for the Care of Magical Creatures Professor career. I will be evaluating my progress half way through the month and decide whether I need to change my career path.

If I manage to read all seven books for my Care of Magical Creatures Professor position as well at the two other back up subjects I have chosen books for the two remaining subjects that are offered in O.W.L.S.

For Astronomy the prompt was to choose a book with ‘Star’ in the title, so for Astronomy I have chosen to read ‘Game of Stars’ By Sayantani DasGupta.

The last subject available to study in the O.W.L.S is Divination. For this subject the prompt is to read a book that is set in the future. I had to look for a while before I found a book that would be appropriate and that book is ‘Nyxia’ by Scott Reintgen.

I have officially started the HUGE undertaking and am ready for the challenge. Let the reading begin…

Are you participating in the O.W.L.S Read-a-thon?

Wrap up: April

I can’t believe that April is over! It honestly flew by. As reading months go, I wasn’t super happy with how many books I read in April. I did manage to finish 3 smaller books before April was out and the 4th book I was reading throughout the month I managed to finish on May 1st, so I will include it in my May wrap up.

The three books that I did finish were all part of the same series AND I managed to get reviews up for all of them before the end of the month – I know I’m shocked too!

I officially started and got up to date of the Wayward Children series and oh my gosh was it worth it. I hadn’t really heard of this series until people started raving about ‘Beneath the Sugar Sky’ but from that I knew I needed to read the whole series.

They were all incredible.

To see more of my thoughts, feelings and ratings for these books check out their reviews.

Even though April was a bit of a slower reading month, I am trying to stay positive and work towards having an improved, more productive May.

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What books did you read in April?

TBR: April

April’s theme, is less of a theme and more of a it-works kind of thing. I’ve decided to go with:

All the Time in the World

Mostly because for the first two weeks of April I’m on holidays and I want to be accountable to get some reading done. We will see how we actually go.

I plan to read quite a few books this months and as usually I might change my mind on any one of these books but this is my plan at the moment.


So I am hoping to get through all six of these books.

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What is your TBR for April?

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