New Book Annotation Method

As a reader I don’t like to write in my books. It was something I used to do when I was younger but now the thought of drawing a single line within the pages of my pristine printed books makes me want to cry.

This meant I needed to come up with a different method for annotating my books.

I began with the most logical step, using page flags to mark different important, funny, cute, happy moments in the text. I tried to colour code them but honestly it was all a bit much!

I decided to try the method of using a cue card to take notes every 50 pages. I’ve started to use this in my read of ‘Heir of Fire’ By Sarah J. Maas. I feel like it works well with the world density of these books.

I’ve found it helps me to keep track of where I am and what I’ve read when I get distracted or loose understanding of why a character is doing something.

To do this method i use two things:
* A cue card
* A pen or pencil

I find it an easy way to reflect on the part of the story I’ve just read as well as being helpful for someone who usually reads on the go.

What method do you use when annotating books?

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