Starting a new hobby

Recently for my birthday my husband surprised me with my first Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. I’d been looking at getting some for a while, they are so cute and I wanted to see which villagers I’d get. Unbeknownst to him a new collection began brewing.

When I was younger nothing thrilled me more than being allowed to get a packet of Pokemon cards. The anticipation of waiting to see just what was in the packet I’d chosen was so exhilarating. Not much has changed as an adult.

My Husband and I began collecting Pokemon cards a few years into our relationship. Now not only do we have a pretty decent collection we are very proud of but we have also begun a little collection for our kids if they want to follow the family tradition.

Enter now Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and I am obsessed! not only are the villagers super cute and the cards can be used in game but that excitement to open a little packet of cards has come rushing back.

No Dreamies as of yet, but I cannot wait to see which cards I get next!

Starting a new Island in Animal Cross: New Horizon

During the first round of lock down in 2020 I got super deep into Animal Crossing and I mean super deep. I had never played any of the previous variations but give me a game on the switch and I will more than give it a go. 

However, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and in the end and gave up on making my island a magical place. Not only was I unhappy about the layout of my island, I didn’t know anything about villager hunting and their different personalities. I didn’t love the name either and was just not committed to continuing. 

After learning about the new 2021 updates, and the announcement of yet another lock down I was ready to start my island over again and actually make an island that I absolutely love.

Beginning with the name this time round I wanted to go for something a little more tree/wood related because I absolutely love trees! So I decided to name my island ‘Forest Cove’ because forests and mountains are my absolute favourite place. I find them really peaceful and I want to keep the theme of my Island quite nature filled and tranquil. 

I also went for a different layout with this new island and so far I am really enjoying it. So far there are a couple of buildings that I want to relocate but I will do that once the option becomes available.

This time around I have more awareness of taking my time to choose villagers. I already have the first 2 villagers that you get when you move onto your Island, and I am working hard to earn Nookmiles to get tickets to travel to mystery Islands to find the villagers I really want to love in. 

After much research of Nookipedia I found the villagers I would love to have on my island. All their personalities are Normal (I’m pretty sure), which is one I prefer. I really wanted to avoid jock, cranky and lazy villagers.

Here are the villagers that I plan to hunt for to move to Forest Cove.

I am currently working towards 100 Nook Mile Tickets before streaming the hunt for these villagers!

I am really enjoying getting back into Animal crossing and cannot wait to share an update next month with which villagers I have on my island and any things I’ve learnt along the way!

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