2019: How my Reading has Changed

2019 has been an incredible year for me personally. When it comes to reading it has also been a year of growth.

When I started my blog I was reading fantasy, fantasy, fantasy… and maybe a smidge of science fiction. I also stuck to the middle grade and young adult area of books with my biggest leap into a few ‘new adult’ reads.

However in 2019 that really changed for me. Here are a few ways that my reading has changed in 2019…

  1. Graphic novels, comics and manga
    This is the year that I really got into reading any sort of graphic novel. This began with ‘Fence’ by C.S Pacat, which is a graphic novel that follows a group of students at a prestigious school that are on the fencing team.
    This grew into comics and eventually manga and I am finding some amazing stories from this.
  2. Contemporary and Romance stories
    I was adamant that I wouldn’t enjoy reading an type of contemporary story. I had had some very negative experiences in the past and the only contemporary I read in 2018 it took me months and months to finish.
    That is until I picked up ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I was in love. I couldn’t believe I’d been out of the contemporary game for so long and has missed such an incredible read.
    I’ve now found other authors like Mary H.K. Choi, Rachel Hawkins and K.A Tucker.
  3. Historically based stories
    Both ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ and ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid are books where the story is being retold but it set in the 50’s – 80’s. It was really the first time where I didn’t feel board reading about something “historical”.
    This led me to Madeline Miller. My love of Greek myth had a wall. I didn’t want to read historical fiction, however after enjoying those books I wanted to give a historical fiction based in myth that I live and breath was something that I needed to give a go. I was so happy that I did and have now read both ‘Circe’ and ‘Song of Achilles’.

Personally I feel like as a reader I have already grown quite a bit but I am looking forward to 2020’s reading.

November Goal Update

Only one more month to work on these goals so I really need to get to it!

  1. Read 45 Books
    As I’ve already said in my previous month updates I am actually killing this goal. I’ve currently read 90 book! Woo! Way more than I expected.
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    I am really trying to get better at this. I was doing really well for like 6 months, then I was awful at it so I am really hoping I can get back to being someone that drinks a lot more water.
  3. Buy Less Books
    Definitely completely sucked at this one!
  4. Hit my savings goal
    I did this and now its Christmas soooo…
  5. Build and follow a night routine
    umm no, just no. This is something I didn’t priorities and I don’t think I will.

Taking a little Break

I am going to keep this short and sweet!

I got a bit out of whack posting this week due to wedding prep and as I am getting married in 2 days…. umm what ok… I don’t feel as though I’ll be able to commit the time and effort into my posts that I usually do.

Since I don’t want to stress myself out I’ve decided not to post until the end of next week as we are having a few days of relaxation away after the wedding before getting back to the grind.

Thanks so much for understanding, I’m already looking forward to getting back into everything properly!

September Goal Update

The end of another month means another time to reflect on my goals for the year and how I am actually going about achieving them. To be honest some of my goals are always on my mind and I am consciously making an effort towards achieving them, others I genuinely can’t remember until I am doing a goal update like this and think ‘oh yeah’. So its really hit or miss.

September went a little like this:

  1. Read 45 Books
    I’ve already surpassed this goal for 2019, now I’m just seeing how many book I can read this year so that next year I can set a higher, but still reasonable goal.
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    I’m definitely better than I was back in 2018, I always have a drink bottle on me and a gravitate towards sipping water a lot of the time.
  3. Buy less Books
    still an epic failure! I have probably managed to buy less than 2018 but September was not a good month for this goal. I was a little out of control!
  4. Hit my savings goal
    I was so so so close to achieving this goal, however we’ve had to pay for a lot of stuff for the wedding – its only 6 weeks away, YIKES – so my savings has definitely taken a hit, but we knew it would.
  5. Build and follow a night routine
    I’ve gotten a lot better with making sure I take my make up off every night and always putting a moisturiser or serum on, I did want to start reading a little bit more at night, however that one is still a work in progress.

Overall September wasn’t a bad month, my biggest fail is buying so many books!

How are your 2019 Goals going?

August Goal Update

My goals have really fallen to the wayside these last couple of months, so in August I was really trying to get back into the swing of things. To be completely honestly I definitely wasn’t amazing at working towards an achieving my goals in August, but here is where I’m at.

  1. Read 45 books
    I am absolutely KILLIN’ this goal! So far in 2019 (I’m writing this in the first few days of September) I’ve read 65 books!
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    I really fluctuate with this goal. Some days I am drinking so much water and somedays I’m lucky if I drink a litre, but I am trying to have water any time I feel hungry just incase I’m actually thirsty and don’t need the unnecessary snack (#shredforthewedding)
  3. Buy less books
    Utter and complete failure. I could not of failed more… (check out my August book haul to so the absolutely disaster that is this goal)
  4. Hit my savings goal
    I am super close to achieving this goal, hopefully next month I can say I have!
  5. Build and follow a night routine
    I’ve definitely been better at this. Aside from reading more and less screen time before bed. Honestly its an addiction at this point and I really need to work on it!

are you killing your 2019 goals?

Weekly Reading 5th-11th August

We are back again with another weekly reading vlog!

This week I finished FOUR books as well as getting my new arm chair (yay, finally!) and rearranging my book shelves! Check it all out on the vlog!

The books I read this week:


June 2019 Wrap Up

Another month means another wrap up, even if it is a little late!

I definitely did not read as much in June as I was hoping too however I did still get through some books that I planned on reading. I ended up reading FOUR books for the month… not quite the ambitious nine I’d been planning on reading.

Weekly Update: 2.6.19

Should I read this: Arc of the Scythe

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Goal Update: May 2019

Goal Update: May 2019

I know it’s the start of July, but I’ve only just realised that I didn’t post a goal update for May! Here are my 2019 goals:

  1. Read 45 books
    I am still ahead on my goal. At the end of May I was about 5 books ahead which means that I am definitely on track for achieving my reading goal for the year
  2. Drink 2L of water a day
    This is a goal that I feel I need to have a reminder for that makes me drink more water. I definitely am trying to drink more water but I just forget to gravitate towards water when I want something to do or need a drink.
  3. Buy less books
    This is one that I definitely achieved during May. I only purchased 3 books for the whole month! Hopefully thats one that I can keep up for the rest of the year.
  4. Hit my savings goal
    I am definitely on the way to this. Have had some set backs and unexpected expenses, but onwards and upwards.
  5. Build and follow a night routine
    I’m definitely making sure that I am taking care of my skin at night and following a good routine for that, I definitely still want to disconnect from technology a bit more before bed.
  6. Take everything as it comes
    Weirdly I am getting better at this even with travelling and a wedding coming up