32 Week Pregnancy Update

We are on the home stretch with bubs, which feels kind of crazy that we are less than 2 months out from meeting him! It feels like it is truly getting real! I figured at this point I would give a little update on what’s been going on in terms of being pregnant (if you aren’t interested in this baby and pregnancy this is definitely not the post for you)


We’ve got one! I’m not quite feeling large and in charge but I’m definitely feeling the extra weight that comes with growing a person! He is definitely at the point now where he is moving a lot, which is amazing to feel and I definitely find reassuring especially after a long day where I may not have necessarily felt him moving around too much. 

We have been lucky enough that my husband has been able to feel his movements too which has been great for him and definitely makes it a family experience.

How I’ve been feeling

It all really fluctuates. Some days I’ve got enough energy to get through the day others I’m exhausted by 10am. Even with all that I am feeling pretty good in all and really try to keep a positive mindset on the days I am feeling particularly tired.

I’ve even managed to keep up with exercising. Now I’m not an athlete by any means but I usually end up walking between 5-7 days a week which makes me feels equal parts fantastic and crazy tired, some days if I’m back late at work or I’ve had a particularly crazy day then I’ll usually take that day just to manage things around the house or take a relaxing shower instead of joining my husband walking Archie.

What i’ve been doing

I’ve been really struggling with balance if I’m honest. Balancing what needs to be done with what my body needs, whether that’s trying to get all the housework done at home and stay on top of it throughout the week or not taking time to rest or sleep in if that’s what I really need. This is probably contributing to being so tired however, working in education means that this is my last week before we are on School holidays! Which is why I want to get through this week as present as possible. 

We’ve also been preparing the house and our dog Archie for the arrival of bubs. This means completing what we’ve been calling ‘phase 1’ of our renovations as well as clearing out the house of anything that we don’t really need or just hadn’t gotten around to getting rid of. It’s definitely a time consuming task but much needed! 

We also completed a workshop with our hospital covering everything from labor to the most important things to know once we’ve had bub and bring him home. 

Overall, I’d say it’s been pretty busy! 


We are really getting to the tail end of things now where the appointments are more frequent. I’ve had an OB GYN appointment each fortnight at the moment which is a lot to schedule but also the best appointments because I get to see the baby! This week we are doing another measurement to see how his weight is tracking and to see if he is still sitting breech. 

We also have a midwife appointment next week which will be great to ask some questions about the hospital stay and labor. 

The Journey So far

Before I get into anything that may be a little TMI, just a disclaimer, this may be a little TMI, but I think it’s important to be open and honest about my experience with pregnancy. It is such an individual experience that no two people will be in the same boat, but everyone who is or has been pregnant can probably relate to some aspect in your own story. 

I must say that regardless of my experience I intend to stay optimistic and feel positive with how my body is and will handle this crazy experience. That is one thing I have learnt from becoming pregnant. Mindset is everything. You may read this and think that it’s looking at pregnancy with rose colored glasses but let me assure you that I am aware that experiencing these things can be awful and it is not all a walk in the park, but I appreciate that my body is doing an incredible thing and I want to appreciate its ability to do so. 

I also feel as though there is a lot of focus on the negative and not by the people experiencing them but by others inquiring about your well being. I’ve found that a lot of the time people are expecting a negative answer and are a little shocked when you say ‘feeling great! Have some morning sickness but what can you do’. Again this is a personal thing. To my closest family and friends I will say that I’m feeling exhausted and king of crummy but to anyone not in that little circle I want to be as positive as possible! 

Finding out

So we found out pretty early on. We were actively trying to get pregnant so I was able to track my period and see where I was in terms of if it was almost ‘that time of the month’. With that being said, I tried to wait until after the date my period was due before taking a test just to avoid disappointment. I am a highly emotional and sensitive person and definitely feel things quickly and intensely. 

This month however, I did not wait, I was too eager and ended up taking a test at 6:30 in the morning a day before my period was due to begin. I told myself it would be negative to try and ease my reaction a little. I was not expecting that second little line to appear and was in shock when it did. Not as much shock as my husband waking up to me walking into our bedroom saying ‘Um.. I think I’m pregnant’. This obviously prompted a trip to the supermarket to get a couple more tests. It is safe to say that I was cautiously optimistic the rest of the day. 

First Trimester

After finding out I booked in with my GP and began the first trimester blood tests and the search for an OB/GYN. After quickly getting my bloods done we discovered that my Iron and vitamin D were both much lower than Ideal and I began taking supplements to make sure that bub would get everything they need to grow. 

About 6 weeks in the morning sickness hit. When they tell you it’s not just in the morning they are not lying. This wasn’t the most fun experience, I was constantly rushing to the toilet at work and struggled to eat much at all. But I am so grateful I was able to eat something each day and know that i definitely had it easy considering the experience some people have with it. 

If you are someone that is experiencing morning sickness that is making you feel blah I can only recommend listening to your GP. For me that meant for me was eating small meals and snack throughout the day, drinking plenty of water, keeping it as bland as possible – I ate a lot of dry white toast- and avoiding anything that triggered the nausea,

Aside from the morning sickness my experience was limited to headaches, which a suffered from prior to pregnancy crazy levels of fatigue – meaning i Feel asleep at like 6pm every night- and my boobs got HUGE (well for me) 

We then hit 8 weeks and were about to finally get an ultrasound to see our little nugget. It was honestly the most exhilarating day. I definitely over filled my bladder taking the instructions to have a full bladder maybe a little too far. It was a little overwhelming seeing that little jelly bean chilling in there. 

With bubs discovery they also found a little bleed in my uterus. It sounds really scary when your GP sits you down and tells you that you have some extra unwanted blood in your uterus and tells you you need to ‘take it easy’. I genuinely googled the meaning of ‘taking it easy’ . I am not a person who likes to stop. But for the health of my uterus I tried my best. I had my husband lift everything and he did a lot of the housework. I was already going crazy! 

Overall I was blessed to experience a more low key first trimester and am so grateful for it.

Second Trimester

I definitely felt a lot of relief when I hit the second trimester. It was amazing to get to share our news with our family and friends. My first trimester symptoms dissipated slowly and I was still feeling some morning sickness until about 15/16 weeks. I definitely had a lot more pep in my step though with my energy slowly returning in about the same time frame. 

Now we sit at the end of the second trimester a few weeks away from the home stretch. I have had an Iron infusion already this year because apparently this baby is Iron Man and is absorbing any iron that I try to put in my body. I’ve also got a weird thing with eggs where I always get sick then I eat them so I don’t think bub is a fan at all. 

Overall I feel great. I am so grateful for the experience of getting to carry bub and start our family and I am looking forward with a lot of excitement and nerves for what the third trimester brings and meeting our tiny little human. 

January Recap

After all the chaos of December and that weird period of time where no one knows what the date is or the day of the week January was an easing into 2021 that we needed.


throughout January we continued renovating. We managed to achieve a lot and that is mostly down to my paint master husband who spent days upon days painting. We were able to get the living room, dining room and hall way completed painted and ready for the next steps in phase one of these renovations.

We were then able to replace the floors! This task wasn’t initially on our list for phase one however they got damaged during the plastering due to being quite thin and brittle. I am so happy with how they turned out and definitely not sad that they are done. Archie is a huge fan!


I was some how (don’t ask me how) able to finish 9 books to start the year off. I’m really excited that I was able to complete so many books and really enjoy the reading experience again after what was a slow reading year in 2020.

If there are any books you’d like to see a review on, leave a comment and I will make sure to review that book!


Aside from having at least 1 doctors appointment each week of January I spent the rest of the month having coffee catch ups, preping for the baby and playing Stardew Valley and Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Both of which are games I absolutely love. I also got back into podcasts a little more, which has been really fun.

With January done and dusted I can’t wait to see what February brings…

Where have I been?

This post is going to be a little update. I’ve been a little MIA on here over the last week which was definitely not the plan!

With everything going on we moved to remote learning which has been a big change and has meant that I have been busier than usual completing end of term tasks while still being accessible to the girls for any needed communication as well as some much needed connectedness in this turbulent time.

Along with that my anxiety has been in full force through out. With all the changes and the saturation of information I was definitely struggling over the last few days to get back to my own normal, however having superstar coworkers and a killer husband has definitely helped me this last week.

A final update and the thing that effected me uploading yesterday after work was…. We bought a HOUSE! I know, unbelievable, I am in utter shock and I could not be happier. The house is gorgeous and has some serious charm and I cannot wait to show you guys!

That is pretty much where I’ve been. Some craziness and some exciting news!

What have you been up to lately?

February Goal Update

Even though we have hit the half way point of March, I still feel it is important to reflect on the previous month and the goals I am working towards in 2020.

  1. becoming more actively vegetarian was something that I started off working really well towards in January, however, in February I definitely didn’t stick to it as well as I would have liked. Beginning the term and becoming busier is something I definitely struggle with when it comes to achieving me goals and it seems it has been no different with this. I am definitely going to make more of a conscious effort in the coming months.
  2. It is now the beginning of March and I am sitting at 22 completed books in 2020 so far leaving me 4 books ahead of schedule. Definitely on the right track.
  3. February was a really good month for workouts. I was definitely the most consistent I’ve been so far in both 2020 and 2019. I began playing basketball again which has definitely had a big impact on everything workout related.
  4. Still haven’t signed up for a fun run or started properly running. Better get onto that.
  5. I only purchased 2 books in February and read about 10 books in January, so I definitely stuck to buying less books that I read.
  6. Still working hard and saving money and still actively looking at houses. We’ve missed out on two seperate houses at auction, which is something that is really tough on me but we are still out there looking.

How are your 2020 goals going?

February Bullet Journal Spreads

We are back with another Bullet Journal Spread. I kept things pretty consistent from January as I found that I used them and I liked all of them.

I went with another nature kind of theme from mountains to a cabin (that is definitely located in the mountains) I added a touch of pink for Valentines day but didn’t want to go for an entirely pink theme.

For the calendar spread I wanted to go for seperated squares with some shadowing and start from the first day of the month and end on the last instead of using up space with additional squares.

One of my favourite and what I find to be the most useful spreads are my trackers.

I track my sleep, mood and stress up the top to allow comprison between each month.

I then track my (loose) internittent fasting and on the other page I track things that I am eating and doing i.e. exercise.

the next pages are my instagram post schedule and my To Be Read page (lets please ignore the ink splodge – I am so annoyed)

My last double pages are my reading tracker which this month is Scamp themed and my reading log. On the last page I plan to use as a monthly review.

My new addition this month is a journal page. January was a bit of a rough month and I’ve found myself reflecting.

I wanted to have a space to write these reflections so that I can look back on them in the future.

2019 Goal Review

2020 is roaring away and with that came some new goals, yet I had not forgotten about my 2019 goals that I worked on throughout the year. Looking back I think its important to look at what worked and what did not.

My first goal for 2019 was to read 45 books. I set this goal based on reading just under 45 book in 2018. My reading picked up significantly though -Yay! – and I ended up surpassing this goal and reading a total of 96 books.

I really wanted to focus ion hydration throughout the year as previously I was not very good at drinking water. I found throughout the year that while I was working I was able to drink the recommended 2L a day, as I carry a drink bottle with me all day. When I got home however or was not working I would forget to drink much at all. Even though it is not a goal for me in 2020 I do want to continue to improve on this.

Buy less books, boy I kept this one vague. I definitely purchased less books in 2019 than I did in 2018. 2018 was when I was really getting back into reading and wanted to grow my collection. Do I think I still purchased too many books… Yes. The lack of perimeters really made it easy for me to just keep buying books with minimal buying bans. I have definitely rectified this for 2020.

At the beginning of the year I set myself a savings goal. When I started 2019 I had some credit card debt I needed to pay off and a bad book buying habit. I am genuinely proud that I don’t have the credit card debt and I managed to meet the goal I set for myself. Here’s to finally getting my life together – at least a little.

my final goal revolved around following a night routine. This was one that just never stuck. The intention was to be off technology and either reading or just relaxing without a screen in front of me at night. It never really took.

Overall, the goals I set were mostly ones that were attainable and measurable – lets ignore the “buy less books” one here – I personally find this super important when setting goals as I find if they are more vague I am unable to really work towards anything. I will definitely take away things from my 2019 goals and am already using those things in achieving my 2020 goals.

How did you go with your 2019 goals?

2020 Goals

Happy New year Everyone!

2020 is upon us and with that is new goals to work towards. I am really excited about all my goals for the new year and to really get into what I have set myself and work hard to achieve them.

Lets get into what I want to work towards in 2020.

In 2020 I want to become more actively vegetarian. I don’t usually eat meat during the day for lunches and things but most of the time there is some sort of meat protein in my dinners. for 2020 I want the majority of my meals to be vegetarian. I am excluding when we visit George’s (my husbands) Yiayia, as she loves cooking and I’d feel bad asking for specifics. We do eat vegetarian meals sometimes when we goes and others she cooks George’s favourite. In these situations I’ll eat what I am given however when I am cooking for myself I will cook vegetarian… I hope that makes some sense.

Throughout the year I want to read 100 books. I was able to read a total of 96 in 2019, so I am hoping that 100 for this year is a doable goal.

Motivation for working out is something that I have continued to struggle with during 2019 and I have really tried to become better however I cannot motivate myself. I am hoping that setting some doable goals can help my with my fitness goals. I really want to just become consistent with workouts. In doing this I am hoping to workout 3 times a week as well as doing on day of Yoga or stretching.

This goal kind of fits in with my workout goal but I really hope to participate in a fun run this year.

Another book goal I have set for myself is to buy less books than I read in 2020. To do this I am setting the amount of books I read in the previous month as the maximum amount of books I can purchase the following month. For example if I were to read 10 books in January, then I can’t buy more than 10 books in February. I’m hoping this way I can still keep up with releases I want to read as well as a few older books I’ve been eying, while still saving money.

This year George and I have a goal of buying a house. We have been working really hard to save money to find our own little space to own and we are hoping that we are able to do that this year. We also hope to purchase a car (definitely second hand).

After these two Huge expenses I am hoping to also save some money – I definitely have a goal amount in mind but that one will be just for me.

What are some of your goals for 2020? What are you prioritising in your life?