Reflecting on May

Renovations May saw us finally making some headway on our renovations! We officially live in a house with doors, skirting and architraves! Honestly I am so happy with how all this turned out considering how long it took us to find the right team of carpenters to get the job done.We do still need to … Continue reading “Reflecting on May”

Most Anticipated Games

One of the best things about having a husband that enjoys playing video games is that he always keeps me up to date on release announcements and keeps note of the games he thinks I will enjoy. This leads to both of us getting to enjoy different games together.  There are a few games that … Continue reading “Most Anticipated Games”

Stardew Valley Bundles

Stardew Valley has got to be one of my favourite video games. I currently play on both the Nintendo Switch and on PC. It is one of the most relaxing games I have come across that I can play for hours. If you are unfamiliar Stardew Valley is a farming game where you create a … Continue reading “Stardew Valley Bundles”

Reflecting on April

It has really gotten to the time where the cliche ‘time flies’ really applies. April has been a crazy month and I have seen a really big personal shift. I finished up work this month which is a massive milestone in my pregnancy. We are really getting to the nitty gritty now and the reality … Continue reading “Reflecting on April”


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Hi, I’m Kate. I work as a Learning Assistant in Melbourne, Australia. Aside from that I love reading, gaming and cooking. This blog is all about sharing different aspects of my life as I continue to grow and learn.

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