10 Characters I’d Follow on Instagram

Honestly Calla has become of my new favourite characters, If you haven’t seen my reviews of The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker, then this is new information but if you have you know that I am absolutely in love with these books. Calla is an influencer within her universe and the astetic of her photos (as described in the books) is definitely one I’ follow on instagram!

Kiki would have a quirky little instagram page where she would definitely post about her delivery service and Jiji, I know I would love to be up to date on her Instagram and all her goings on.

Alex is a quirky character who is both artistic and badass. their instagram would definitely flow along with their gender and interests. It would be so interesting to keep up with all the different things they would post depending of any given day.

I can already see Lara Jean’s ascetic and I would be all here for it. It would definitely have a lot of cute baking photos as well as pastel colours, great outfits and of course PK and her family. It would honestly be the cutest thing ever.

Daisy Jones would have a hardcore rocker vibe to her instagram and honestly be all over that!

Blue as a character gives me an ethereal vibe there would definitely be a lot of scenery pictures as well as a lot of photos with the Raven Boys. There would be so much friendship and spookiness, I’d love it.

Luna Luna Luna. Her instagram would be amazing. Full of quibbler articles, naturalist adventures, magical creatures and her friends. All the best aspects of Harry Potter rolled into one!

The Instagram of Keefe would be so full of pranks and nonsense that it would be hilarious all the time. There would be gorgeous Alicorns, friendship pictures and a little bit of mischief.

Honestly Greta’s Instagram would be filled with tea dragons. I would for sure want to follow that utter cuteness.

An Instagram account from space, umm… yes please! I would love to see what was going on on another planet! Spensa would for sure post about Mbot, Doomslug and all the other flight crew. It would definitely be galaxy themed.

Author: The Nico Tribe

30. Melbourne. Love to read and go on adventures. First time mum Love my fur baby! Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/74444706-kate

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