Year-a-thon Readathon

I saw this Readathon on Little Book Owls Channel in her video announcing many of the readathons that will be hosted this year. The Year-a-thon takes place over the course of the whole year with a different challenge for one week of each month.

It is hosted by five amazing booktubers Ke-sha @ theforsaken707, Alyssa @ ACreads, Kristina @ ThePrincessGummyBear, Kerri @ KerriTheBookBelle, and Katie @ Kitkatscanread.

2020 Dates and Prompts

January 13th – 19th: Choose a colour and read books with that coloured cover.
For example if I chose blue I would only read books with a blue cover.

February 10th – 16th: Finish that book/ series.
For example if you have a book that you just need to finish or a series you want to finish use this time to finish it.

March 9th – 15th: Link the book
For example if you decide to read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets make your next read a book that has ‘Secret’ in the title then if the genre of that book is a YA make your read after that a YA. So each of the books link to the previous book read in some way.

April 13th – 19th: Read your highest and lowest rated Goodreads book.
For example I would go into the ‘my bookshelf’ shelf of my good reads and choose the highest rated book from there and the lowest.

May 11th – 17th: Read books with mental health and addiction representation
For example a book thats character may be struggling with addiction or have life experiences with addiction or a book that has some mental health representation.

June 8th – 14th: Buddy read a book or read a borrowed book
For example you could choose a book that a friend also wants to read and buddy read it with them or if you don’t want to buddy read you can borrow a book from a friend or a family member or even pick one up from your local library. For this one I might choose to borrow an audiobook on BorrowBox.

July 13th – 19th: The Olympics/Buzzwords
For example you could read a non fiction book about the olympics or an olympic athlete or read a book that contains a sport that is part of the olympics. If this isn’t your jam and you want to go for buzzword instead you just choose your own buzzword and read books with only that word in the title.

August: 10th – 16th: Reread a book/Read a book outside your comfort zone
For example if you are someone that rereads book you can pick up an old favourite or if you are someone that doesn’t enjoy rereading books you could pick up a book you wouldn’t normally pick up.

September 14th – 20th: Finish/catch up on a series
For example if you put down a book to complete the reread or you were in the middle of a series, pick the book back up or continue on with the series.

October 12th – 18th: Read a spooky book or a thriller
For example I don’t have many spooky books because I get scared so easily but I might pick up a mystery during this week.

November 9th – 15th: Read book recommendations or have someone pick your books
For example if there are some books you’ve seen recommended by booktubers/bookstagramers you could decide to pick up one of those or you could ask someone in your life or even do a poll on instagram and have someone else/other people choose your reads.

December 14th – 20th: Read the oldest books on your TBR/Shelf
For example I will probably pick up some books that have been sitting on my TBR for the longest.

We have some really interesting themes for this readathon and I am so excited to participate.

Let me know if you are going to participate, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you plan to read.

Author: The Nico Tribe

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