It Wasn’t Me by Dana Alison Levy

It Wasn’t Me
by Dana Alison Levy

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Date: 2018
Pages: 734
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Genre:  Fantasy
Days to Read: 5
Purchase Locations: Amazon and Kindle Audible Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks

The Breakfast Club meets middle school mystery in this story of six very different seventh graders forced together in the aftermath of a vandalism incident.

When Theo’s photographs are vandalized and trashed beyond all recognition, there are five kids at the scene: The Nerd, the Princess, the Jock, the Weirdo, and the Screw-Up.
All anyone will say is “It wasn’t me.”
Theo doesn’t care who it was, he just wants to stop being the victim. The sooner the school forgets the whole humiliating thing, the better. But his favorite teacher is asking the six of them to spend vacation week together “learning to trust” and getting to the truth. She calls it a Justice Circle. He calls it his worst nightmare.
Theo knows everything he needs to know about his classmates, and he’s sure this Justice Circle is going to be an epic and totally mortifying waste of time. But after a few days of sock puppets gone wrong, artificial flesh wounds, and dangerous candy reconnaissance missions, he’s not so certain. As they share their secrets, Theo realizes that he doesn’t know anyone as well as he thought, not even himself. And the truths they share might change their lives forever.
Hilarious, awkward, surprising, and ultimately heartwarming, IT WASN’T ME is a guessing game that keeps readers wondering: what lies behind the labels we wear?

I picked up ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Dana Alison Levy as part of the N.E.W.T.S. It filled the prompt ‘choose a book that is black under the dust jacket.’

Throughout ‘It Wasn’t Me’ follows Theo and his fellow students as the enter a week of detentions after Theo’s photographs are destroyed at an exhibition. While at these detentions the students are asked to complete a survey at the beginning of each day they then spend the day in a Justice Circle all in an attempt to find out the day that Theo’s work was destroyed.

It is an interesting examination of social justice and how this can work within a school setting. With it’s Breakfast Club vibes, I knew I wanted to get to this book as soon as I could. One thing to know about me is that I love The Breakfast Club!

I really enjoyed seeing the characters growth throughout the book. It’s obviously following the growth and ideas from the breakfast club but its never gets old. These characters are young but hold so much on their shoulders whether that be that be family, school or self pressure it really shows what young people are experiencing today.

‘It Wasn’t Me’ is a thought provoking story that really looks at the experiences of the young American Teenager.

Plot: 7/10
Ease of reading: 9/10
Character Development: 7/10
World Building: 6.5/10
Quality of Writing: 7/10
Stars: 4.5/5

Author: The Nico Tribe

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