Sustainability as a book lover?

I don’t really know what has triggered it, but recently I have really been looking at my individual impact on the planet and how my habits and choices are impacting the Earth and global warming over all.

I have made a conscious decision to try and be more sustainable. I am only at the beginning of making these changes and I am hoping to be able to post about the improvements I’ve made in my lifestyle that can also help the planet.

I have jumped head first into the research. I want to learn as much as I possibly can before I make any moves or decisions moving forward.

I have been learning a lot. I definitely felt I was ignorant to a lot of things when maybe I needed to pay more attention.

For one thing, bringing your own utensils, cups, containers and straws when you are out and about and may end up eating out or purchasing food or a beverage can save 150g ff CO2 emissions. I also learnt that 1 million plastic bags are used every minute, which is an absolutely crazy number.

As I kept researching I kept learning more. I was blown away by some of these facts. No beach in Australia is free from rubbish and that humans never eat almost 40% of all food, an absolutely absurd amount.

After spending some time researching and learning more about becoming more sustainable I came up with some steps that I can follow to become a more sustainable member of society.

At first I wanted to get started and replace everything I currently own with sustainable items and just go 100% hard into it. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely get all or nothing about things, especially when I want to make a change.

But thinking about it getting rid of everything I already have that is in perfectly good condition is a waste of both resources and money. So there are steps I plan to take now and ones I have researched for later.

So what are the first steps I’ve take to living more sustainability? I hear no one ask. Well, Let me tell you friend.

Firstly I have finally joined the library! This may not be something that is sustainable for everyone but personally I love books and reading so heading to a library instead of always buying books new is going to be a way I can be more sustainable. My goal with this is to borrow books that I am interested in reading. If I find that I absolutely love the book and need it in my collection then I will consider buying it. This means I won’t be buying books that I don’t know whether I enjoy or not and hoping for the best. Instead I am loaning a book that hundreds of others will read over the years (hopefully) . This is also giving me access to more digital books in the format of audiobooks and ebooks.

I already am someone that uses public transport as a means of getting to and from work. My fiance and I share one car instead of having our own cars. This is something I will continue living quite a distance from my place of work.

Another way that I am – indirectly- being sustainable is composting. My partner’s Dad has a compost area out the back of their house, so I am consciously making sure that things are heading to the compost.

Now to what I plan to implement into my life. I want to make an effort to have less things. Minimalism is a great way to be more sustainable. It is also something that many people are partaking in with the Marie Kondo method of cleaning and organising. This is going to make it even easier to follow a more minimal lifestyle.

With this I don’t mean to clear out all my books and all my clothes and all my other possessions, instead I plan to focus on not adding more as well as taking away things that I don’t need or that don’t make me happy anymore. Clothes is definitely a key place for me to start. I honestly have way to many clothes and I am most definitely only wearing a small fraction of those thing. I want to dedicate some time to going through everything and being honest with myself about what I wear and what I don’t. Once that’s all done I plan to only purchase sustainable clothes moving forward.

This also applies for my bedding and towels.

I also plan to encourage my household to go meatless at least once a week. I think that this is another simple thing we can do to be more conscious of what we are eating and eating more sustainable. Hand in hand with that I also want to grow my own herbs, which I plan to start soon as well as getting some chickens later on in the year (closer to spring) so as to have organic eggs to use for cooking.

Within the sustainable food category I want to make a conscious effort on my food waste and try to waste as minimal food as possible. With this I am also going to buy more organic fruits and vegetables specifically the ones that pesticides are used the most like strawberries, spinach, apples, grapes, cherries, tomatoes, celery and potatoes.

When it comes to fast food and eating out etc. I have finally invested in a biodegradable container to store my lunch in for work as well as to take with me when I eat out to put left overs in. I have also purchased bamboo cutlery and 2 metal straws to keep in my bag for when I get food while I’m out. I have also invested in a Frank Green Coffee tumbler. I’ve been looking for a good coffee tumbler with a lid that can seal properly to make sure liquids won’t spill if I put it on my bag.

As as household, we also plan to get chickens! I am super excited about this, as it means we will have fresh eggs and chickens will love having the scraps left over from meals!

I would love to hear any ideas you guys have about this! I am still learning how I can best make changes in my life.

Author: The Nico Tribe

30. Melbourne. Love to read and go on adventures. First time mum Love my fur baby! Goodreads:

2 thoughts on “Sustainability as a book lover?”

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  2. I love this post! You sound just like me, needing to go ALL IN when you make a change. I had the exact same realization that you did when I started my sustainable journey about getting rid of all my plastic containers, etc. I have a post about creating a capsule wardrobe if you would be interested in reading it. I’m so jealous of your getting chickens! I want some of my own as well but in our area we are not allowed to have them because we are too close to other neighbors. But I too would love the idea of fresh eggs and having chickens running around, benefiting our gardens! I love reading too, and going to continue reading your blog because just from this one post, it sounds like we are very similar! Keep on keeping on in your journey to zero waste! xo


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