Book Adaptation Tag

100% the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Series by Sarah J. Maas! I would love to see how they adapt them to a film or even a series.

I want to say the first ‘Twilight’ movie. I recently tried to re-read (through audiobook) the first book and I was struggling with the narrator.

Not really. Honestly I forget pretty quickly what I imagined the characters to look like in a series. I mean if its opposite of what I thought it can be hard to adjust, but I usually adjust.

I mean I get why they do it, but sometimes it can annoy me.

oohh, this is a hard one. It depends. Most of the time I’d probably prefer to read the book first, but I watched the ‘Twilight’ movie before I read the book and then went on to love the series.

Never. I don’t think it would matter how bad it was, I would never leave a movie I’ve paid to see.

I can’t even think of one!

Dare I say, ‘Mortal Instruments’? I know its an unpopular opinion. But It just turned me off, even though I love Lily Collins.

‘Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.’ 100% won’t watch again

‘You’ is based on a book right? It’s definitely not my vibe so I will not be watching it.

I’d say there are a few I’m looking forward too:
* After
* The Rosie Project – Love that its a book written by a Melburnian!
* Little Women – The remake
* Artemis Fowl

Definitely ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’

I really enjoy rewatching the adaptation!

I Tag anyone and everyone to do this Tag!

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