Top 10 book covers of 2018

I know these posts are everywhere but I wanted to jump in as well. So I decided today I would post of top 10 covers of 2018. Before we get into it though, these are my top 10 favourite book covers of 2018 and by no means does it mean these are the ‘best’ book covers for everyone, just me. 

‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’ By J.K. Rowling was 100% going to be in there. I love the gold and black detailing and when you take the jacket off there is a gold Eiffel tower! Love

This is my first Brandon Sanderson book and I’m going to be honest the cover is what initially drew me into this book, I am looking forward to reading a Brandon Sanderson book though. 

of course this stunning cover makes the list. Honestly it will probably always be one of my favourites. 

I love this cover so much. It’s stunning and absolutely love the colours.
even though I am yet to read the Throne of Glass Series this cover is still one of the prettiest covers! The yellow is so bold and a great juxtaposition to the black of the rest of the series
Both the first and second book in this series have beautiful covers. The flowers down the side and the colours I absolutely love. 
‘Archenemies’ By Marissa Meyer is another one that I love. The red and the blue really go with the story of the Renegades vs. the Anarchists. 
There is no photo that does this cover justice. The gold writing, the flecks of metallic on the cover, absolutely love!  
All of the different covers for ‘Wundersmith’ I love but this one is by far my favourite!
of course I love the Illustrated Percy Jackson book. I know it’s probably an easy guess but I can’t help it. I love it!
What were your favourite covers of 2018?

Author: The Nico Tribe

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