Books I wish I’d Gotten to in 2018

2018 has been a great year for reading. I’ve really gotten back into reading as a hobby and enjoying reading again. However there are only so many books I can get to in a year these are some books I wish I’d gotten to this year but haven’t been able too… 

This is a series I discovered in the later part of 2018 and I am really sad that I haven’t gotten to it yet! Excited to read in 2019.

This is another series that I haven’t been able to get to in 2018, I honestly am now realising that there are so many amazing books I haven’t gotten to in 2018. 

I know, I know, I know, I can’t believe I haven’t read the Darker Shades of Magic trilogy yet! I don’t even know why I haven’t picked it up yet. 

This is another one I think I need to priorities in 2019 because OMG how have I not read this yet? 

 Another series that I am already late to the party on but haven’t read…. I can’t even explain myself at this point!

Six of Crows and the Shadow and Bone series are both ones I want to get to as well.

There are so many series I haven’t gotten to, but also so many that I have read so lets hope I can smash out a few in 2019!

Those are some of the big series that I haven’t gotten to in 2018, What are some books you haven’t gotten to yet this year?

Author: The Nico Tribe

30. Melbourne. Love to read and go on adventures. First time mum Love my fur baby! Goodreads:

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