Bookish Survey: Greek Mythology

I saw this Bookish Survey ages ago and for the life of me I cannot remember, but I thought it would be the perfect tie in for the books I’ve been reading lately!

Without further waffling lets get in to it!

Greek Mythology Tag Gods of Olympus

Greek Mythology Tag Zeus

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ By J.K. Rowling, hands down. I have listened to this book so many times on Audible its insane! Love it to death!

Greek Mythology Tag Poseidon

‘Mystic City’ By Theo Lawrence. Honestly I read this book years ago, I don’t remember all of the plot, but boy do I remember crying my eyes out while I was reading it.

Greek Mythology Tag Hades

I would have to say ‘Genesis’ By Bernard Beckett. It’s just a book that really seems darker than expected.

Greek Mythology Tag Hera

I love Lara Jean and Peter from ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ By Jenny Han

Greek Mythology Tag Athena

There are so many but I think ‘A Court of Thorns of Roses’ By Sarah J. Mass. I absolutely love that world.

Greek Mythology Tag Artemis

Marabel from ‘Marabel and the Book of Fates’ By Tracy Barrett. She’s the only one that goes after her brother and she is an amazing characters for young girls to read about.

Greek Mythology Tag Aphrodite

That is such a difficult question. I’ve got a few. I love the Harry Potter Scholastic covers; The cover of Willa of the Wood; and my Rose Gold and white edition of The Great Gatsby. 



Greek Mythology Tag Ares

Definitely ‘Elli’ by Livia Bitton- Jackson. It was a book I had to read for school and was about world war 2.

Greek Mythology Tag Hepheastus

hands down Rhysand from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ by Sarah J. Mass. 

Greek Mythology Tag Artemis

I love Aurora from ‘Roar’ By Cora Carmack. She’s got strength and attitude and amazing powers to boot!

Greek Mythology Tag Apollo

ooo, I don’t know… maybe if I HAD to say a book, ‘Betrayed’ by P.C and Kristin Cast. The second book in the House of Night Series.

Greek Mythology Tag Hermes

I love ‘The Apprentice Witch’ By James Nicol. Its a middle grade book with a great message of perseverance, courage and believing in yourself. A great example and message for young children.

Greek Mythology Tag Hestia

Probably a contemporary as I’m still awaiting my letter from Hogwarts. Since I don’t read a lot of contemporary novels I’d say ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ By Jenny Han.

Greek Mythology Tag Demeter

I’m going to be that person and say Hogwarts. As a teacher I would not hate teaching there if I had an option!

Greek Mythology Tag Dionysus

Wundersmith’ By Jessica Townsend and ‘Outrun the Wind’ By Elizabeth Tammi.


Greek Mythology Tag Heroes of olympus

Greek Mythology Tag Percy Jackson

Definitely Apollo in ‘The Trials of Apollo’ Series. The way that Rick Riordan has written him is hilarious.

Greek Mythology Tag Annabeth Chase

Maybe ‘Roar’ By Cora Carmack, only because it was something I hadn’t seen done before. But really I enjoy the plot of most books I read, otherwise I wouldn’t read them.

Gereek Mythology Tag Jason Grace

Probably the last book in like all of the super long series is also good. Like ‘The Blood of Olympus’ By Rick Riordan; ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ By J.K. Rowling, and I’m going to say ‘Breaking Dawn’ Because I love that book too!

Greek Mythology Tag Piper Mclean

Like every book on my TBR…. One’s I’m really looking forward to are ‘The Ember in the Ashes’ Series; ‘The Red Queen’ Series and ‘Willa of the Wood’. 

Greek Mythology Tag Leo Valdez

Definitely the ‘Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle’ By Rick Riordan. I haven’t laughed that hard in a book in ages.

Greek Mythology Tag Hazel

I really loved Fayre from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ by Sarah J. Mass. She definitely qualifies as having a tragic past.

Greek Mythology Tag Frank Zhang

‘The Martian’ By Andy Weir. I hadn’t read mach science fiction before that book, bit holy moly it was incredible!

Greek Mythology Tag Nico Di Angelo

Professor McGonagall from the ‘Harry Potter’ Series (Incase you didn’t know that) we just don’t learn that much about her throughout the books and honestly I want to know more!

Greek Mythology Tag Grover Underwood

I feel like I’ve definitely heard some things about ‘Fangirl’ By Rainbow Rowell. I’ve also heard good things, so I don’t know.

Greek Mythology Tag Clarisse Le Rue

Tamlin from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ By Sarah J. Mass although I didn’t start to find him annoying until the second book.

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So that was the longest Tag in the world, but we did it, we got to the end. If you got this far comment your would recommend read. I’d love to hear some books you’ve been loving.







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