September Fairy Loot Unboxing

This was my first ever time ordering Fairy Loot. I’ve seen it around in instagram and BookTube and have wanted to order it. So when I saw the theme for September and some of the books the goodies would be related to I knew I needed to try it!

So for September the theme was ‘Starcrossed Swoons


These were the goodies we received:
* Bella and Edward candle which has a nice crisp apple scent and is made by Nerd Poured Candles.
* Shoelaces with symbols from each of the courts of Prythian from A Court of Thorns and Roses and I love them. I think I’m going to but them into my Converse.
* An Exclusive constellation note book with a Quote from ‘The Star-touched Queen’ By Roshani Choshki
* A Strange the Dreamer Apron! I cannot wait to use this. This apron is designed by Liberty Life Co.
* A Love Rune enamel pin, made by Fictiontea. As well as some Angelic Fire Candle Matches made by the same people.
* A poster set with a mini poster that include exclusive art work of Julian and Emma (the Dark Artifices); Rhysand and Feyre (ACOTAR); Cassian and Nesta (ACOTAR); Amar and Maya (The Star-Touched Queen) and Lazlo and Sarai (Strange the Dreamer)
* Lastly the book of the month was ‘Mirage’ By Somaiya Daud, signed by the author! Which I am so excited to dive into!

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What are some other subscription boxes you would recommend?

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