Greece Travel Diary #4: Mainland Tour (Day 4)

Today was the LAST day of our tour and it was such a bitter sweet day. We were looking forward to going to Meteora – one of the places the George wanted to visit the most – but we were also ending our tour. We’d met some amazing people through out and our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable that it just seemed crazy that this was it and then we would be on our own again!

We woke early again – if getting up early is not a thing you can get around then I don’t think this tour is for you! – before our last breakfast all together and got back on our coach to head to the stunning monasteries of Meteora. We were visiting two of the four (I believe) that are still in use. As we were driving up to the first monastery we passed what looked like a cave high in the side of one of the rocks, Dimitra explained to us that this was a shrine to St. George. The small cave was filled with colour fabrics and even a Greek flag. It was a custom – and still is – that on St. Georges day, 23rd of April, all the men named George climb up and leave a piece of fabric as a tribute to St. George. I thought it was absolutely incredible that this tradition has been carried on even now in modern day Greece.

After a very curve heavy drive up to the first monastery we walked from the carpark, up a lot of stairs into the first monastery. It was straight up stunning. I still cannot fathom how they were able to build these beautiful buildings with no roads leading to the monasteries. They even showed us the pulley system they used to get people up to the tops of the rocks!

Things to note about Meteora:
* the road is very windy and small, if you get bus sick try to sit near the front of the bus.
* You can’t take photos when you are inside the actual building.
* there are Monks and Nuns who care for the two monasteries
* the toilets are not modern toilets.
* Both men and women need to have their knees and shoulders covered and Women must be wearing a skirt. They do provide skirts to put over shorts or pants, but I found it easier just wearing a long skirt.


Meteora is stunning and its somewhere I recommend you visit!

After exploring both Monasteries we had a long long – about 5 hours – drive back to Athens. We were dropped at our hotels, so the process did take some time, but it was nice that once we were dropped of we didn’t need to worry about trying to find our hotels after we got dropped off.

Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this tour. Its amazing value for money, as well as being incredibly in depth and easy to understand. Everything was incredibly organised and the driver and tour guide were always willing to answer questions. Also included in the price is the cost of your accomodation, breakfast and dinner (lunch is own expense but quiet cheap) as well as entry to all the sites visited. We only paid €2 each to the monastery to light a candle.

– Useful Links –

Meteora Monasteries
Amalia Hotel – Kalambaka

Chat with me NEW

what are some of your Tour experiences? This is the first one I’ve been on that is more than a day!

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