Greece Travel Diary #3: Mainland Tour (Day 3)

Our 3rd day on the tour started again with an early wake up call. We were heading to Delphi and Kalambaka today. After the long drive yesterday I think we were all grateful to hear that we were only travelling a short distance for the morning.

Delphi was somewhere that was really looking forward to going. I knew all about its significance during the Classical period, having just finished ‘Mythos’ By Stephen Fry on the bus the day before.

It felt like our experience was enhanced thanks to the low clouds that gave it an eerie feeling, well deserved in my opinion considering that people travelled from all over Greece to experience the Oracle of Delphi and to worship in the temples dedicated to all the gods, but most prominently, Apollo.

We saw the belly button of the earth where the two eagles sent out my Zeus met, which is now a stunning and well polished stone. Honestly I couldn’t even fathom how they had built all they had up there considering there we no cars and we were kind of on a mountain.

after a some time to explore the site, we headed to the museum of Delphi to complete a walking tour with Dimitra were we were taken around to the key exhibits. We were even lucky enough to visit the Sphinx of Naxos and the charioteer of Delphi!

Once the guided tour was completed, we were able to walk around the museum on our own before heading back onto the bus. We had another long drive ahead of us as we drove from Delphi to Kalambaka. map

Kalambaka is the closest town to Meteora which was out last stop for the whole tour! We got into our hotel quiet late – 7:30pmish- and headed down for dinner before hitting the hay very very early!

This was also the day that we had a few changes in terms of our bus. After exploring Delphi we went back to the hotel where the people who were only completing the 3 day tour stayed on the original bus and everyone doing the 4 day tour – including us! – moved onto a new bus with people completing a 2 day tour of Delphi and Meteora. Now this kind of thing usually stresses me out a lot! I don’t want to end up in the wrong place or loose my suitcase. Thankfully everything was fantastically organised and we were able to navigate this tricky change over easily – thank goodness!

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