Greece Travel Diary #1 , Mainland: Tour (Day 1)

So as you may or may not know (if you are following my Instagram, then you will definitely know) I was lucky enough to go to Greece over the June/July school holidays this year.
When I was planning my trip I was scouring the internet for photos and information to create the perfect itinerary for my fiancee and I. I thought I would help any travellers looking into a trip to Greece by adding my 2 cents to the interwebs.
So this series is going to be broken into 8 posts – Mainland Tour, Crete, Santorini & Athens – to make it easier if you just want to read/look at pictures from one part of Greece.

After we arrived in Greece, we spent one night in Athens before heading on a four day tour that was pretty much ‘the highlights’ of classical Greece. Now I was pumped for this. I find Greek history fascinating as well as their mythology so I was 100% down for the tour.

We were picked up at around 8:30am by our bus driver. They will pick you up and drop you back (after the 4 days) to certain hotels, I would definitely recommend booking at one of those as its SOOO much easier with luggage to hop on and off in one place and not have to worry about getting to your hotel.

Our bus driver was amazing! his name was George (Georgios in Greek, but I can’t say it) he didn’t speak much english, which was fine because George (my finance) can speak greek but also because he tried speaking english and I tried A LITTLE bit of greek. He was so friendly and helpful and an AMAZING bus driver.

corinthWe then picked up the other people on our tour -around 15 people- and our tour guide, Dimitra who was AMAZINGLY knowledgeable. We left from Athens and our first stop was Corinth Canal where we had a short stop to take some photos of the Canal and grab a coffee if we wanted one.


We then drove to Mycenae where we completed a walking tour with Dimitra, she was fantastic with the amount of information and was able to point out key aspects to the Mycenae era including the cyclonic walls – in the myths these walls around Mycenae were built by Cyclops (which I’m all about) – as well as burial domes.


We then drove (about an hour from memory) to Epidaurus one of the most well preserved outdoor amphitheatre’s in Greece that still has performances to this day. It was incredible to see how just building ‘seats’ into a cliff side in a semi circle can create a amazing about of sound projection from the stage. Honestly I was blown away! (I also cannot wait until next year when we head back to Greece and hopefully get to see a performance!) There is also a spectacular museum which has some amazing statues of Greek gods like Apollo!

Before heading to our first Amalia Hotel we drove to Napflio a gorgeous sea side town, where we were left to explore for a hour before we continued out drive. Napflio is stunning, there are buildings that are incredible colours and you are right on the ocean. It was so spectacular! It was also a great place to get to visit as my fiancee’s mum’s side of the family is from there! Honestly the photos don’t even do it justice!


after our timer wandering the beautiful streets of Nafplio we got back on the bus and were taken to our first hotel for the night, which was part of the Amalia chain of hotels which we stayed at each night. They were a great chain with rooms bigger than I expected. At each hotel we had a buffet dinner and breakfast.

Even after this first day we were honestly so zonked that we went to bed at 8:30pm!

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Amalia Hotel Olympia
Corinth Canal


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