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Along with books, I have been really getting into changing my lifestyle. Little fun fact I am both gluten and dairy intolerant -yay- as well as having chronic gastritis. Now I know in the grand scheme of things thats literally nothing compared to what others may go through health wise, which is why I’m not complaining about it but it’s part of my story.

I’m usually pretty good at eating what I should eat and not eating what I shouldn’t, except when I am next level stressed, which happens more frequently than I’d like to admit too. When I get stressed I don’t care about what I’m eating and I usually end up craving things I can’t really eat, eating them, and then feeling ridiculously ill for hours afterwards, making me more stressed.

I discovered and started using Tropeaka products, last year towards the middle/end of the year, I was instantly a fan of their ‘Immunity Boost‘ as well as the ‘Lean Chocolate Protein‘ and am now using a few more of their products on my smoothies, pre and post workout and in baking and cooking.

Now I know its not me usual bookish post BUT I thought this may be relevant to my goals updates and to a few new goals I’ve decided on!

To the haul…

the first product I purchased was the Maca power. The maca powder is a superfood thats uses include:
IMG_2249* Support energy production
* Helps to create stamina and endurance
* Contains alkaloids for a healthy mind
* De-stresses and supports vitality and wellbeing
* Full 5 star health rating (Australian Health Initiative)
* Provides healthy balance
* Contains: Vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E as well as iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium
* Low in fat and high in nutritional value




I also purchased the Tone BCAA+, this item is good for:
IMG_2241* Instantised and soluble Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
* Helps you tone and build lean muscle
* Supports muscle growth, recovery and repair
* 5.25g of BCAA per serve
* Natural passionfruit flavour
* Mineral complex for workout recovry
* Helps boost energy production
* Helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue
* Refined sugar free
* 100% plant based powder
* Vitamin C for healthy immune system
* Nutrient dense and contains key electrolytes


The Vanilla Lean Protein, with benefits include:
IMG_2246* High in 3 plant based proteins
* Helps to tone and build lean muscle
* Perfectly balanced protein for muscle recovery
* Protein necessary for tissue building and repair
* Natural vanilla bean flavour
* Contributes to growth of muscle mass
* Refined sugar free
* easy to digest and minimal bloating
* Helps to stay fuller for longer
* Contains BCAA+
* Nutrient dense full of antioxidents
* Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
* No dairy, soy, gluten, lactose or wheat


The last product I purchased was the Spirulina, which is good for:
IMG_2243* has 3x more protein than fish or beef per gram
* contributes to normal energy production
* Contains iron for normal immune system fuction
* Contributes to the reduction of tiredness
* Great for detox and is rich in chlorophyll
* Contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, A, D and E
* Complete in magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium
* A source of potassium, manganese and Zinc, Calcium, chromium, and copper
* A great source of plant based iron


Hopefully I can use the products wisely to help me in developing my healthy lifestyle!


Chat with me NEW

What are some products you swear by?



Author: The Nico Tribe

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6 thoughts on “Tropeaka Haul”

  1. Could you please tell me what the passionfruit BCAAS is like? Would you recommend it? And is the flavour somewhat tasty?


  2. Hi there,
    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the passionfruit BCAAS are? Does it have a nice flavour? Would you recommend it?
    Thank you!


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