It arrived a little late – I mean it was shipping from the USA and I know that can take a while- but I thought I would still do a post about the box… kind of like an unboxing.

the theme for the January Box was:

The Ties That Bind Us

It was filled with official Harry Potter goodies. This box is a little more expensive than some of the other unofficial Harry Potter subscription boxes, so its one that I probably won’t get regularly.

wizarding box 12

So the items contained in the box were the following:

  1. A Hogwarts House Tie: We get the Ravenclaw box, as my partner is a Ravenclaw and I figured he should get to have some fun too.
  2. Black Family Tree Tapestry Shawl/Scarf: Love this thin light scarf. It has great detail – including the blast marks where Sirius was blasted.
  3. Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem Pin: Such a cute pin, with great detail!
  4. Wand Book: This is an official item that you can get elsewhere but its a great idea and detail about all the characters wands.

Cons: * I don’t think you get a lot for the money
* It did ship late, although I did receive an email explaining shipping had been delayed

Pros: * The Items are good Quality
* The items are all official

I haven’t made a conclusive decision about it yet so I’m getting another one (it was mostly be accident as I forgot to deactivate my subscription) and I’ll make my final decision after that.

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What are your thoughts on the world of wizardry box?

Author: The Nico Tribe

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