Harry Potter: My Ranking of the books

I saw this on A book roasts YouTube channel and thought it was a great idea, simply because it is such a tricky task!
I mean its a series. You need all the books to create the whole story. But everyone has their favourites and the ones that they don’t reread as much.

I figured I would take on the challenge and work out which book was my favourite to my least favourite.

Before I just in I just wanted to say that these are my rankings and they are probably different to what you may think. Let me know how you’d rank them!

Starting from me least favourite ending in me favourite.

Least Favourite
‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’
Hp gobletDon’t get me wrong I still like this book. I’m a huge fan of the Quidditch world cup chapters. I just dislike the dynamic between Ron and Harry in this book.
I mean I get it, its definitely true to the age of the characters and what they are experiencing. It still frustrates me to no end.
I love Mad Eye Moody in the story as well as the ball at Hogwarts. Honestly that makes me wish it was real and I could go there even more.

‘Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban’
HP prisoner

I really like the introduction of new characters in this book as well as the backstory we get into Harry’s parents lives and what things were like when they were at school.
I also loved the emphasis on new magic through out the book – namely the Patronus charm.
I don’t like the beginning chapters with Harry at the Dursley’s and aunt Marge. I probably would of been as annoyed as Harry.
I loved all the time turner stuff but at the same time felt as though it was dragging a little which is mostly why I don’t go back and read the third book often.

‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’
HP half Honestly from here on out it was so hard to place them.
Half blood prince is lower on my list mostly for the death in this book. Honestly its to much.

I do love finding out key information in the book and like all the rest its crucial to the plots development. I mean without it there would be significant plot holes.

Half-Blood Prince definitely has some features that make me want to put it higher – but I mean come on I’ve only got 7 places. I love the Romance story lines in this novel and the obviousness of teenage crushes.

‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix’
HP orderOk, so I’m going to start off with what I didn’t like as much. I really disliked the Harry/Dumbledore dynamic in this novel. I also hated Umbridge but who didn’t and Fudge. They really got under my skin.

There were certain scenes in this book that I absolutely loved. Like Gwap, and the Weasley’s grand exit.

I think overall the book’s focus on the connection between Harry and Voldemort was fantastic.

‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’
HP chamberI genuinely love this book. I don’t know if its because of the book it’s self or just the memories I have attached to it. Either way its coming in at number 3.

I love that we get to learn more about the Weasley’s in this book. I mean who wouldn’t want to live at the Burrow?

The whole use of the polyjuice potion is also something I really enjoy. Its fantastic for a reread too when you’ve finished the series and you start to notice the things that seemed unimportant the first read.

‘Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows’
HP deathlyI feel like I’m stating the obvious when I say that Dealthy Hallows is an epic conclusion to an incredible series.

Its amazing how everything from book one all the way to this novel has come together full circle.

Obviously I hate the deaths in this book – if you haven’t read it yet, prepare yourself.

But all of it showed the characters had grown and honestly the world was a lot darker. Which was fantastic.

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’
HP SouceresI honestly don’t know if many people would put the first book as their favourite. But man oh man I LOVED the Philosopher’s stone (I know the picture is of the US covers but that’s just because they are me favourite covers.)

I love the entire introduction to magic in this book. I find the world of magic so interesting and enthralling that I wish I could open the book and it would just be absorbed into the world. Unfortunately it is yet to happen.

There is incredible introduction of all the characters with so much detail that you feel like you know them so well already, and its only book one.

Let me know your ranking of the Harry Potter books!!

Author: The Nico Tribe

30. Melbourne. Love to read and go on adventures. First time mum Love my fur baby! Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/74444706-kate

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